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5 Designer’s Ideas – How to Combine Red Color in Holiday Décor

Love, passion, happiness, creativity, and warmth – are all associated with the primary color red. This beautiful hue is an essential ingredient of Christmas and New Year festivities. We decorate our holiday homes with ornaments in red and wear clothes in this warm color. In this article, discover five of the interior designer’s tips for combining red with other colors. Create holiday color palettes for your festive home. 🙂

Fiery Red and Relaxed Green – Colors of Love

The marriage of complementary colors, fiery red and relaxed green, creates a lovely holiday decorating story. This strong color duo is a symbol of love and creates a traditional color combination for the Christmas décor. Join these two vibrant hues with tones from a neutral palette that is always a great design base – such as white and beige. Add gold and silver ornaments for a metallic sparkle to decorate a jolly Christmas dining table. (Cover Photo – Kasanova)

How to Combine Red Color in Holiday Décor - 5 Interior Designer’s Ideas,
Photo – Talking Tables

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Energetic Red and Cooling White – Fire and Snow

The red hue is an energetic choice. Its fiery presence can be “cooled off” by combining it with white and placing glass and metal ornaments. Red stars, scattered on the white base of the plates, create a beautiful holiday tablescape.

Red-Themed Holiday Color Palettes - 5 Interior Designer’s Ideas,
Photo – Kasanova

Speaking of the red and white combo – Santa Claus comes to mind. Snow-white beard and a red suit of this lovable grandpa rejoice us. These Santa-inspired plates are ready for the delicious cookies.

santa claus tableware design,santa claus table decoration,red color combination for holidays,combining warm and cool colors,
Photo – Easy Life

Hot Red and Cold Silver

Cool silver is also an excellent counterbalance to hot red. Silver-plated decorations and other metallic holiday ornaments sparkle due to the reflection of light, which, in combo with red, adds a touch of glamour to the living and dining room. These red-silver Christmas tree baubles also bring sweet messages – Merry Christmas, I Love You, You Are Unique…

red and silver Christmas tree decorations,Christmas tree baubles with messages,how to combine red color,holiday decorating colors,
Photo – Kasanova

Whether autumn or winter holidays are the festive theme of dining room décor, this maple-leaf-shaped napkin holder is a cool addition. In this decorative scheme, it is paired with red napkins that warm its metal coldness.

maple leaf shaped napkin holder,decorative napkin holder,red and silver decorations,
Photo – Origami Steel

Warming Red and Refreshing Blue – the Primary Color Duo

Red and blue are both primary hues and thus paint a powerful picture as a color combination on the tablescape and in every other part of the home decor. The freshness of the blue color greatly “silences” the hotness of fiery red – like the meeting of water and fire. This primary duet looks great on Christmas-themed tableware as well as on the maritime-style tablescape.

Christmas village dinnerware,Christmas themed table decorations,red and blue color combination,red color combination for holidays,combining warm and cool colors
Photo – Easy Life
festive maritime style table decorations,red and blue table decorations,coastal style tablescape,how to combine red color,holiday decorating colors
Photo – Cream Cornwall

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Red Hue among Colorful Flowers

Bring the joy of colors to your bedroom and kitchen. Red, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple, pink, and brown paint a colorful floral scenery. Cheerful bedding and tea towels are also a part of festive decorations.

floral decor in bedroom,romantic bedroom decorating ideas,how to combine red color,holiday decorating colors,
Photo – The French Bedroom Co
flower decor for kitchen,floral kitchen towel,how to combine red color,holiday decorating colors,
Photo – Home Landing

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Complementary red and green hues, refreshing red-white color combination, a glittering decorative touch of the red-silver combo, meeting of primary hues red and blue, and red color among colorful florals. Enjoy decorating with these color palettes. Greetings from Danica! 🙂

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