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3 Red and Green Festive Table Decorating Ideas

The union of complementary colors, red and green, creates lovely home decor. Match these vibrant hues with neutral tones and metallic sparkle to decorate a dining table for holiday occasions, as well as everyday meals. Discover the three tablescape ideas – the interior designer’s tips.


Festive Holly Tablescape

White tablecloth and plates create a neutral base for this colorful table decorating story. To design a festive table centerpiece, put a couple of red glass candle holders and green glass candle holders, together with red and green dinner candles, in the middle of the dining table. Add refreshing greenery, floral arrangements, holly sprigs to a couple of places on the table. If you set all of these decorative elements in the middle of the table (as seen on the cover photo), make sure that you have a great view of the person(s) sitting across the table from you, the same as a great view of the centerpiece of the table.

Red-berry lights make this tablescape even more festive, as well as gold bauble placeholders, brass cutlery, crystal wine, and champagne glasses. Holly sprig pattern on the napkins rounds up this red meets green table decorating story. Photo by Talking Tables.


Rustic Meets Glam in the Dining Room


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This festive tablescape mixes rustic and glam. Start with a white linen table runner on the rustic wooden dining table. Woven placemats, linen napkins, and greenery continue telling the rustic decorating story, as well as white wooden candle holders.

Green and red, trees and berries, is the pattern on gold-rimmed plates that introduce the rustic-meets-glam style combination. Crystal, gold-rimmed champagne coupes, and decorative silverware are among the glamorous design elements, together with red and green velvet napkin bows, gold twinkle tealight holders, and gold-antlered deer. Lovely decorative trees and jolly nutcracker figurines create a centerpiece for this union of rustic and glamourous table decorating styles. Photo by Dress For Dinner.


Red and Green Tartan Print as a Table Decorating Theme


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Table runner in red and green tartan print sets the theme of this lovely tablescape that’ll warm up your festive as well as everyday colorful occasions. For the tartan print to be a focal point of this decorative story, combine it with monochrome (one-colored) placemats, dishes, and napkins – in red and green and neutral tones. Brass cutlery and napkin rings add metal sparkle to this table setting theme. Photo by Walton & Co.




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