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Moroccan Style Tiles – Artistic Journey to Marrakesh

Create an inviting and sumptuous living space – inspired by the colors and textures of Moroccan-style interiors.


Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the landscape of Morocco is as diverse as it is beautiful, offering inspiration at every turn. The vibrancy and richness of this North African country have influenced truly unique and recognizable designs – for the indoors and outdoors. This opulent decorative style creates colorful and imaginative homes.

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Marrakesh Brick Mint Gloss Tiles are made of hardwearing porcelain yet truly capture the essence of traditional handmade Moroccan tiles. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.


Creating a Moroccan-Style Interior – Textures and Colors

When designing a Moroccan-style interior – think of a warm textural backdrop of Terracotta and colorful walls and floors. These surfaces are enriched with jewel colors, delivered by the mixing of tiles of various colors. Creative layouts of the tiles add to the artistic look of the room.

These organic schemes are further layered with design accessories such as handwoven basket wear, artistic lanterns, cozy linens, and comfortable floor cushions. An accent of metal touches completes the imaginative look.  

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The Marrakesh tile range features a collection of Terracotta and Bejmat-style tiles.


Marrakesh Range of Tiles

The gorgeous Marrakesh range of tiles from the Baked Tiles Company delivers the ease of creating bright, bold, and contrasting color pallets that Moroccan design is known for. You can introduce the recognizable splashes of jewel color by placing these stunning Bejmat-inspired tiles. What’s more, when the colorful Bejmat brick tiles are laid in eye-catching formation, they create an inspiring interior design effect.

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Journeyman Zellige Pebble tiles add a soft natural organic color to both traditional and contemporary spaces. Embrace the wonderful intentional imperfections and their handmade styling.


Journeyman Zellige Tiles

Morocco is also known for its sumptuous Zellige tiles, which are known for their variations in tone, shine, flatness, and depth of glaze. Providing softer tones alongside some bolder color options – the Journeyman Zellige tile range creates a bespoke space since each tile is unique. Zellige tiles are traditionally hand-cut, offering a slight variation in size, synonymous with this look. The Journeyman collection is designed to emulate this characteristic. When installed with a tight joint, the real Zellige effect is achieved.

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Marrakesh Terracotta Brick Dark Matt tiles bring the Moroccan style to both traditional and contemporary spaces, indoors and outdoors.


For instance, combine bright orange and warm tones of the Marrakesh terracotta range, either plain or patterned, which create an inviting, and sumptuous living space.

The textural organic beauty of Terracotta creates a lovely interior design – in traditional and contemporary spaces.

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