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Colors of the Mediterranean in Porcelain Tiles Design

Riflessi porcelain tiles, with their warm and enveloping colors, propose a return to the marine atmospheres and coastal views of the Mediterranean, triggering graceful plays of light that reverberate joyfully in every interior space.  

A warm ray of sunshine enters through the home window, a breeze gently ruffles the linen curtain and refreshes the interior. A blend of citrus, floral, and saline scents flows through the room. The placid rhythm of the sea waves can be heard in the distance.

Natural elements penetrate the rooms to reengineer the interior design and decorating. Light reflections reverberate on all surfaces, in a playful way that creates the union of the interior and the horizon. The colors of the sea alternate with those of vegetation and the earth, creating a beautiful landscape made of vibrant harmonies. That’s the Mediterranean-style story.

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Reinterpreting an Ancient Artisan Manual Decorative Technique

Riflessi porcelain tile collection from Ceramiche Refin is the result of a design research project inspired by the Mediterranean countries. The refreshing atmospheres, vibrant traditions, and the coastal panoramas where the colors of the sunshine and the sea combine with those of the vegetation and the land. With these porcelain tiles, the natural elements enter and design the scenography of interiors, but with a sensory approach that transforms light into matter. With the skillful application of porcelain stoneware, the tile collection admirably reinterprets the ancient handcrafted decorative techniques, adding a touch of modernity thanks to the wide selection of colors.

This product collection of these stylish porcelain tiles is characterized by bright colors and “brush strokes” that reinterpret an ancient artisan manual decorative technique. The dimensions of the tile sizes, unusually large for this kind of decorative ceramics, enhance the graphics effects of the surfaces and combined with the glossy finish accentuates the light reflections.

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Colors and Motifs of Mediterranean Style Tradition

The color palette includes two neutral nuances – a White and a light Grey – and three vibrant hues – Blue, Green, and Orange. These colors define a complete chromatic selection with unusual vibrant tonalities that exude a strong contemporary design attitude and brighten the residential and commercial interiors.

The product range is enriched by three different decorative motifs – Amalfi, Fiore, and Shape – and the Caleidos mosaics. They recall the styles and colors of the ornamental motifs typical of the Mediterranean countries. The colorful decors are actualized by original large sizes and express different styles to enrich surfaces reinterpreting the taste of the past with a creative contemporary touch.

Amalfi decorative motif interprets the flavor of design tradition combining different multicolor patterns. Fiore embodies a single-tone stylized flower that can be laid as a repetitive design or combined to create a bigger shape. Forme represents a geometric sign replicated to create an abstract, potentially infinite decorative pattern.

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In the Caleidos mosaics decorative pattern, the arrangement of tiles creates an irregular decorative movement. This is further enhanced in the Mix version where all tints, tones, and shades are mixed.

Thanks to the stylish variety of the color palette and the different possible applications of the decorative elements – both for walls and floors – Riflessi allows you to gently refer to the Mediterranean style tradition with more or less vivid tints, tones, and shades, depending on your environment and your decoration style.

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