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The Ultimate Guide for Tiling the Laundry Room

Discover why tiles are a great choice for designing laundry rooms and bathrooms.  


In rooms that are susceptible to moisture, tiles are a great choice. They are easy to wash and protect your mess-prone floors. Keep your laundry room feeling neat and clean with surfaces that you will easily wipe.


If you’re spending time there, the laundry room is simply as important as the other room in your home – treat it like it is. Many people create a “happy place” with a unique, vibrant style rather than relegating the laundry room to a dark corner of the basement. You can create your own geometric pattern with different solid colors or choose a vibrant, patterned tile that creates a statement all on its own. If a more understated style is your preference, think about using wood-look tile – in shapes like planks, hexagons, and mosaics. While we can’t make doing the laundry the highlight of your day, designing your laundry room with the maximum amount of care as you would do for the other room will help make it an area you don’t mind spending time in.


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Why Ceramic Tiles Are the Best Option for Laundry Rooms?


Water Resistance: Water resistance is arguably the foremost important consideration for laundry rooms, where water and liquid messes are a daily occurrence. Splashes from the sink, leaking washing machines, spilled detergents, and drips from hang-drying garments are the reason why, in laundry rooms, one should place materials that are meant for moist environments. Fortunately, ceramic tile creates a water-proof application when properly installed in line with the manufacturer’s specifications.


Slip Resistance: All of the liquid spillings that make water resistance important for your laundry room surfaces make slip resistance a sensible choice as well. Ceramic tiles offer numerous slip-resistant options for you to settle on so that you’ll be able to have peace of mind without influencing the style choice.


Bacteria Resistance: Laundry baskets filled with dirty socks, rags used for cleaning, and more create a less than hygienic environment in laundry rooms. Ceramic tile helps keep your space healthy by resisting the spread of bacteria, mold, and mildew.


Stain and Scratch Resistance: These benefits are especially important for laundry room-mudroom combinations, where dirt and grit could also be tracked on a day-to-day basis. Ceramic tile won’t stain, scratch, scuff, or easily chip, despite regular wear and tear and therefore the heavy “load” of your washer and dryer.


Easy Cleaning: Ideally, the laundry room should make your life easier with a design that simplifies the method of cleaning your clothing and linens — it shouldn’t be a nuisance to clean itself. Luckily, ceramic tile laundry rooms are a cinch to clean: Oftentimes, wiping with water is all that’s necessary.


Fade Resistance: If you do find yourself wanting to use cleaners or disinfectants for extra tough messes or deep cleaning, you don’t have to worry about your tile fading. Ceramic tiles have colors that are baked right in and are fade-resistant.

Ceramic tiles are suitable to be placed almost anywhere in your laundry room and are out there in seemingly endless design options. Take your pick of colors, patterns, natural looks, sizes, shapes, and even textures.


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Some Tile Designs to Take Inspiration from:


Floor & Wall Tile

The classic white countertops and cabinets give that fresh and clean look. Placing wide tile on the floors and patterned porcelain tile on the walls will give it simply enough pop of color. You can go for a dark grey as the accent color, or your options are endless. Tiles on the floor and walls make this room easier to wash. Dust and lint from washing are often harder to wash off painted walls.


Wood Tile Flooring

If you have already got wood flooring throughout your home, you would possibly want to have it in your laundry room too. However, moisture affects the wood. Luckily, tiles can do the trick. Tile that appears like wood comes in a variety of colors and designs.

We love the wooden look because fairly often laundry rooms aren’t just a room by themselves. They can be near the kitchen or in a mudroom. Using tiles but those which match the decor of the remainder of the space is feasible.


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Colorful Wall Tile

Need a splash of color? You can do that with tiles! The colored glass tiles are beautiful and reflective. This makes it ideal for a laundry area with limited natural lighting. 

Aqua is a beautiful color for a laundry room. It’s a light and airy color to work with. This color goes great with neutral or light-colored tile flooring.


Colorful Floor Tile

Your wall and backsplash aren’t the sole places you’ll apply color. You can always bring the pop and character in your space with colorful tiles. Using a neutral gray backsplash, the color of the laundry room could reflect from the floor and its accents.


Pattern Tile Flooring

In addition to color as a method to adding style to an area, here is one more idea. If you would like to remain neutral but want to give some flair, consider doing a herringbone pattern when laying your tile. This is great for smaller spaces. It draws attention in and makes the space feel more open.

If you’re tiling, renovating, or developing your laundry area, it’s essential to conduct a thorough study and have a thorough understanding of only what you enjoy. Half the battle is won when you know exactly what you want. While you’re on the hunt for the perfect tiles, be sure to visit the Orientbell website to see their most recent tile collections and releases. Inspire 3.0, Rhino, Eleganz, Granalt, and a slew of more collections are sure to deliver the appearance you’ve been after for your home. Have a great day with the tiles, everyone!


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