Delicious Gastro Event – Fig Days, Krk Island, Croatia

Discover Fig Days, a traditional annual gastro event on Krk Island in Croatia. Learn more about fig, a healthy and delicious fruit, and enjoy a wide variety of delicacies made of figs.


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From August 27th until September 5th, the city of Krk, island of Krk, is hosting the 15th edition of the “Fig Days“. “Fig Days“ is a renowned, traditional annual gastro event that this year lasts for ten days, instead of being just a weekend festival, like it was since 2007. It includes an exhibition in the open – of fresh and dried figs – but also a wide variety of products made of figs, like jams, cakes, dry figs, brandies, and liqueurs that are on display.

The festival encourages and motivates caterers, local farmers, producers, and vendors to include the fruit in their offer, promote it, and sell their indigenous product in the streets thus contributing to the gastronomic identity of Krk. The program of the “Fig Days” includes a very popular, free of charge distribution of 100 fig seedlings, but also interesting lectures on the topic of figs by the foremost expert on figs, Željko Prgomet,, and Iva Prgomet, Ph.D., as well as a book promotion. There are also workshops on making clay figs, felting figs from Krk sheep wool, and individual counseling on fig growing.


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Fig – Delicious and Healthy Fruit

Fig, we all know (and some of us adore it), is this tear-shaped fruit with a green skin that may ripen toward purple or brown, with sweet soft reddish flesh containing numerous crunchy seeds. It is, we are also aware, both delicious and healthy, but you might want to know, and you will learn about it if you come to Krk, that it is native to the Ficus carica, small tree species in the mulberry family, and that it has been cultivated since ancient times.

It is, of course, the most widespread, and highly valued fruit of the Mediterranean (and Asia), but is now widely grown throughout the world. On the island of Krk, the figs have been grown for centuries, but have also been wrongfully neglected in recent times. Figs can be eaten fresh or dried or processed into jam, rolls, biscuits, and other types of desserts. Since the ripe fruit does not transport and keep well, most commercial production is in dried and processed forms. Raw figs contain roughly 80% water and 20% carbohydrates, with negligible protein, fat, and micronutrient content. They are a moderate source of dietary fiber.


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A Wide Variety of Delicacies Made of Figs

What can an excellent chef make from, of, and with figs? Crazy and most delicious dishes, for sure! To mark the 15th anniversary of the project, on Monday, August 30, a special gala dinner is held in the Marina Blue restaurant of the Marina hotel in Krk. It is a fine dining event, a real gourmet experience provided by a young but highly esteemed and Michelin star awarded chef Deni Srdoč, supported by Spart Jazz Duo. The fig-themed dinner “Fig by Deni Srdoč” gives everybody a brand new perspective on figs, and, besides the dishes – it serves fantastic wines from Kvarner: sparkling and still, all produced locally by the winemakers of the region who most recently united in Kvarner Wines Association.


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Very interesting for the tourists, also, is a special restaurant offer in the Krk city area for the whole time of the festival, all with the common theme: fig(s). During “Fig Days” – 15 restaurants, bistros, wine, and food bars, and “konobas” in the area are serving delicious dishes with figs. You might want to try mouth-watering dried figs in mascarpone and cinnamon cream with pie crust, crepes, and crostatas with homemade fig jam…  Indeed, all things edible that you can imagine made out of figs or with them are on offer for you to savor in Krk, so why don’t you come and have fun.


Find out more about the project.




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