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Colorful and Creative Bathroom Ideas

The Italian bathroom brand antoniolupi has created ten trending colors thanks to which, colorful identity is given to designer washbasins and bathtubs made of innovative materials. Read on.


Reflex Bathtub, Designed by AL Studio


The bathtub Reflex unites creative shapes and vibrant colors, harmony, and minimalist bathroom design. Reflex is the first transparent bathtub by antoniolupi made of Cristalmood, the new material patent antoniolupi. Named Cristalmood due to its transparency and sheen, a new generation colored resin, resistant and versatile.


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The Italian brand has developed ten trendy colors thanks to which, colorful identity is given to the designer bathtub, integrating it best in the context of creative bathroom style. The Colors Fumè, Thus Nebbia, Ocra, Bottle, Petroleum, Ginger, Cobalt, Sangria, Amber and Lime shades were born, which give color, elegance, and liveliness to the plastic volumes made in Cristalmood material. The chromatic variations that follow the geometry and the curved lines of washbasins and tubs give plastic behavior to the elements in a constant dialogue with the light.


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Cristalmood is a colored resin of a transparent appearance with a glossy finish, composed of high-quality polyester resin and coloring pigments; has passed the anti-corrosion tests (salt spray) and can be cleaned with all the most common detergents, also resisting to rubbing alcohol, acetone, oils, gasoline or diesel fuel.


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Thanks to the composition, products made from Cristalmood weigh about 30% less than those made with solid surfaces such as the brand’s own Flumood. Cristalmood is the result of the antoniolupi research and added to Flumood and Quarzomood materials. It is used to produce sinks combined with the most diverse materials, achieving refined color combinations.



Vitreo Bathroom Sink, Designed by Carlo Colombo_Andrea Lupi


Vitreo is a Cristalmood block that seamlessly shows all the elegance of this innovative material and the classic geometry of the designer sink forms. A decagonal shape, a characteristic image that does not take out the leading role of water, rather it enhances it because the sight of the primordial natural element that is collected in the large basin changes the perception of the sink as a whole.


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Vitreo is available in ten colors and it can fit different decorative styles contexts. It is also providing a sense of brightness to the interior space thanks to the infinite reflections generated by the dialogue with the architectural elements, surfaces, and furnishings that compose it. Due to the type of processing and the craftsmanship of the production, each bathroom product made of Cristalmood is unique and unrepeatable – two sinks won’t ever be identical, due to slight differences in color, size, and thickness.


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The sink is a rediscovered design gem that embellishes the center of the room. It is the creative element that attracts the eye and expresses the contemporary approach to the project by antoniolupi.


Opale Washbasin, Designed by Carlo Colombo_Andrea Lupi


Opale is a collection of colorful washbasins through which the Italian brand continues its research, started with the Albume collection, on the manufacturing potential of colored Cristalmood resin and its ability to dialogue with natural materials that have always been in the company’s DNA. The name of the designer washbasin collection refers explicitly to geometry and the infinite reflections of precious stones; the unique magic of nature beautifies the bathroom design in a continuous cross-reference between material, surfaces, and refined chromatism.


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The chromatic aspect of the product collection is interpreted through the ten colors in which Cristalmood is proposed and the combination of the translucent shades with the uniqueness of the unrepeatable signs and veins of Bianco Carrara Marble or Nero Marquina. When it is totally made of Cristalmood, the pedestal sink fully expresses the multi-faceted image of a gemstone in its infinite chromatic variations. On the other hand, the different solutions that involve the combination of volumes made of different materials generate entirely new sensations and very special unprecedented experiences.


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The translucent washbasin seems to be supported with security and solidity when coupled with the marble pedestal, while, the suspended sensation generated by an opaque volume supported by a translucent pedestal amplifies the magic of the collection. All the versions proposed are characterized by a timeless image, by a perfect geometric and proportional balance which refers to the classic beauty of the architectural elements and that over the centuries have handed down the archetypal shapes of architecture.


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The washbasin is available in the new decagonal form or the more traditional round shape, in the top mount version, and it is always perfectly matching with other products by antoniolupi. The same is also available as a freestanding pedestal washbasin that can be either cylindrical or prismatic.


Gessati Top Mount Sink, Designed by GUM Design


Research, innovation, and forefront are synonymous with antoniolupi design philosophy, which in the previous years has presented a wide range of unique bathroom products, peculiar and fascinating projects. Once again, the Tuscan company surprises with a new challenge on Carrara marble, an ancient and multifaceted material interpreted by GUM Design, a Tuscan designer that for the first time collaborates with antoniolupi.


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Thanks to the project “GESSATI”, the most ancient material such as marble meets modern technology, and the creativity of the product is inspired by the fashion world. Gessati is a designer top mount sink collection that proposes a pattern recalling the pinstriped suits.


Excellence in the subject, advanced processing technologies, creativity, and references to the world of fashion: these are the themes investigated by the Gessati project, the collection of top mount sinks that reproduce the motif of parallel lines that identify some fashionable items of clothing.


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A product collection that comes from the creativity and thinking of man and is achieved through the precision of the machine, a soft and sinuous volume with enveloping lines obtained by combining one or two centimeters of Carrara marble sheets glued together by means of colored resin.


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Just the chromatic variation and the contrast that is created between natural material such as stone and glue gives a pattern with alternating stripes along the surface, while the perfect sanding of the volume gives an optical effect of great charm. Round, oval or square, Gessati brings energy and fashionable personality to the bathroom, thanks to the parallel lines that run on curved surfaces to define new perspectives and directions. The extraordinary personality of marble stone and its infinite chromatic variations make each sink unique and unrepeatable.


Mastello Bathtub, Designed by Mario Ferrarini


A micro oasis of stylish relaxation – Mastello is an ergonomic bathtub with a comfortable integrated seat and an edge that rises gently towards one of the ends and acts as a headrest. This designer bathtub is characterized by its small size. It is a capacious bathtub, with its 135 cm. It can, in fact, be installed also in smaller bathrooms, but it can comfortably accommodate people over 195 centimeters of height. A micro oasis of relaxation for everyone, a refreshing memory made of simple gestures that gave value to true things.


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The center of the scene around ‘Mastello’ in Italian is an old wooden tub used in the past for bathing. The name of the new product immediately recalls the ritual of bathing in an era in which running water was truly a luxury. An object that became a “place” because the Mastello (tub), placed in the middle of the room, became the center of the scene around which to play, tell stories, and share emotions.


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Organic shapes antoniolupi and Mario Ferrarini reinterpret with a new elegant bathtub called Mastello. The new bathtub in Flumood is made with fluid lines, soft shapes, and candid surfaces that develop without interruptions. A bathtub with pure forms, natural and welcoming, that revisits the essence of the traditional old Mastello tub. The internal step facilitates the sitting position as well as the external wooden step allows everyone to easily access the bathtub.


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