Bedroom & Kids Room

5 Heart-Shaped Ideas for a Romantic Interior

Romantic décor comes in many shapes, and the heart is definitely among the forms that remind us of love the most. So today, on Valentine’s Day, brings you five heart-shaped decorating and lighting ideas – Venetian Heart Bed, Reasons Why I Love You – Gift Jar, Rustic Metal Butterfly Heart, Heart-Formed Pebbles with a […]

Bathroom & Spa

The Ultimate Guide for Tiling the Laundry Room

Discover why tiles are a great choice for designing laundry rooms and bathrooms.     In rooms that are susceptible to moisture, tiles are a great choice. They are easy to wash and protect your mess-prone floors. Keep your laundry room feeling neat and clean with surfaces that you will easily wipe.   If you’re […]

Products & Materials

Wood Flooring Design – Colorful Perigal Collection by Paola Lenti

Listone Giordano, the Italian brand for high-end wood flooring – part of the Margaritelli multi-business group, and the awarded furniture designer Paola Lenti collaborate again in a colorful way – by betting on the color of floor and wall wood paneling. In fact, they created the new versions of Perigal, the original floor covering, resulting from the […]


Residential Apartment Building Design – Buzanova Apartments

Buzanova Apartments is a new housing block developed by 3LHD, the architecture, and urban planning studio, in cooperation with the client, VMD model. This residential apartment building is situated in the center of Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, five minutes walking distance from Kvaternik Square, in a quiet street with an abundance of greenery, […]