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Designer Accessories for the Bathroom

Accessories are the “cherry on the top” of the interior design of every room. The same applies to the bathroom design. Simple and elegant designer objects, created for everybody, user-friendly. The products belonging to Ever collections integrate with formal simplicity and are designed to be placed in the context of a contemporary bathroom, thus ensuring comfort, safety, and enriching the aesthetic pleasantness of the interior as well as the functionality. Have a look at these designer accessories, designed by Monica Graffeo.


Shine – LED Light Bar

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Shine is a handle, strong support but also an auxiliary light for the night or to create a warm atmosphere that acts as a guide in the bathroom. This LED light bar is adjustable in different positions, projecting the light downwards, upwards or toward the wall.

The support functionality (up to 120 kg), a standard of all products Ever by Thermomat, is maintained and guaranteed in all positions through an effective locking system of the light bar. The careful study of the technology ensures the dispersion of heat and allows the bar not to overheat even in long periods of ignition.

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It is made of aluminum and can be both vertically and horizontally installed. This light fixture can be placed inside the shower box as well.


Feel – Wooden Towel Holder

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Feel is a shaped bar made of natural ash, all-wood with towel holder function, a pleasant touch that surprises for comfort and safety that it offers. This bathroom bar handle is installable both in vertical and horizontal positions.


Gambol – Fitness-Themed Accessories

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Two exercisers decontextualized and creatively placed in the bathroom space as supports and even as a bit unusual (or even fitness-themed) towel holders. Natural – the rings and bar are made of beech-wood, and empathic elements, associated with the body that wants to give its best.

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The rings and the bar are designed for ceiling fastening with the help of polypropylene belts connected to a safety device for ceiling fixing, made of painted steel. They offer different functions by inviting you to lean on them, conveying safety and tuning with the movements of the body, thus lending a joyful note of multi-functional lightness to the bathroom.

Finishes: natural beech-wood, opaque or dark-stained wenge


Rung – Seats, Supports, Ladders, and Cabinets

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The product collection offers a range of versatile and nomadic accessories that find their functional place in the bathroom, as well as in other rooms of the home. These are seats, supports, ladders, and cabinets. The careful design of these accessories makes them suitable to enliven the home environment in a warm and reassuring way.

Rung Stool is made of beech-wood and equipped with a backrest which becomes support. This seat can be placed everywhere in the home.

Rung Closed Cabinet is made of beech-wood. The closed cabinet effectively performs as a seat and support, concealing a container for the storage of linen or magazines.

Rung Ladder Cabinet is a multi-functional accessory – a multipurpose container offering safe support, a toilet roll holder and a tilting mirror. It is made of beech-wood, which lends its warm and natural features.

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Rung Leaning Ladder is a composite element, made of beech-wood, offering safe support, a toilet roll holder and a tilting mirror.


Brunt – Furnishing Accessories, Towel Holders, and Shelves

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A collection of bathroom accessories, made of steel and featuring a linear and essential design with a wide functionality – not only supports, but also furnishing accessories, towel holders, and shelves.

The toilet roll holder is an essential component of the collection because it transforms from being traditionally a marginal accessory to discrete but safe support.

This line is completed by a vertical bar, which can be wall-mounted. A firm grip with some unexpected benefits: free-standing coat racks and shelves, to have everything at your fingertips.

Finishes: opaque white, opaque purple-grey, chrome-plated


Brunt Shelf, Fully-Equipped

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The multi-equipped supporting shelf that, whilst maintaining the characteristics and the aesthetic of the original collection, enhances its functional possibilities. Beyond the enlargement of the rest surface to lean objects, cosmetics, magazines, the shelf is provided with two practical accessories: a soap-dispenser holder and a tumbler, which can be removed from their housing and are interchangeable, to ease the use and cleaning. According to one’s needs, it is possible to choose between two versions of the shelf prearranged for the accessories to be positioned on the left or on the right side.

Materials: steel; painted aluminum (accessories)

Finishes: opaque purple-grey, opaque white



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