Bathroom & Spa

Designer Accessories for the Bathroom

Accessories are the “cherry on the top” of the interior design of every room. The same applies to the bathroom design. Simple and elegant designer objects, created for everybody, user-friendly. The products belonging to Ever collections integrate with formal simplicity and are designed to be placed in the context of a contemporary bathroom, thus ensuring […]

Products & Materials

Italian Custom Design Inspiration: Momenti

Here is a very young company, born in 2005 out of the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of Alexander and Matteo Bagnai, two brothers who wanted to push design towards the world of the arts. Momenti, originally a company of precious and handcrafted home accessories, has evolved through the years and is now introducing the unique […]

Bedroom & Kids Room

Casual Bedroom Trends & Ideas

Although intended for rest and relaxation, the bedroom is often a space of rigid rules of decoration, without too much casualness. Trends suggested by the 2016 Milan Furniture Fair are completely the opposite – this space is freed of rules, asymmetrical, and full of color. Trendy Beds The bed is the most dominant element in […]