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Innovative Office Design Improves Concentration, Communication, Inspiration, and Recreation

Living spaces are created when the office focuses on the needs of the people who occupy them. Their workflows can be improved through functionality, quality, and architectural design, at the same time improving the motivation, creativity, and commitment of the employees.

Office space solutions are created in which people not only work well but in which they also want to work. The forward-looking office concepts contribute to the customer’s success. Offices by Bene transport corporate values and the company’s brand messages – they are the crystallization point of corporate culture and represent a company’s self-understanding in a tangible spatial way. 


Make the Office a Key Factor for Success

With the advent of new communication technologies which essentially enable us to work anywhere at any time, the office serves as a physical anchor for employees. To make the office a key factor for success, companies divide it into different spaces and places. Good office design encourages concentration, as well as communication, inspiration, and recreation.

In line with the motto “Choose the place you need”, Bene offers furniture systems attuned to individual schedules, activity profiles, and company processes. Close collaborations with designers, trend researchers, and experts result in cutting-edge working environments – and countless inspiring offices.


Idea Lab & Idea Wall – Think Outside the Box  

Being innovative begins by creating the right conditions for innovation. A spatial environment that supports brainstorming can play a major role. The Bene IDEA LABs in Vienna and Munich, as well as the one created in the Office of the Future in Dubai, show how such a room might look. In the IDEA LAB, people think outside the box, mull over, brainstorm, and of course, work, ensuring that good ideas and future-oriented concepts arise.

The heart of the room is the IDEA WALL, an interactive, digital media wall. Up to seven people can work together simultaneously on their digital content – projected on the large screen for all to see. The result is a spatial setting that encourages communication, dialogue, and exchange.


Promote Inspiration and Ideas

Bene has cooperated closely with we-inspire, from Upper Austria, to develop an interactive wall module for meetings, brainstorming sessions, visual presentations, and innovation processes. In short, it is a system that creates a digital creativity space, promoting inspiration and ideas.

You need more than creative employees and technology to facilitate a successful thought development process. You also need a space that supports the various stages of the idea finding a process that gives you enough room to think and develop. “Co-Creation Studio”, the smart technology package from we-inspire, provides the digital support needed during group ideation processes. This package when integrated with Bene’s wall products, W4 and NOOXS, forms a multimedia innovation surface that provides space for up to seven people to work together on digital content. Together a team can use the IDEA WALL to write, draw and navigate. 


The results of creative meetings, presentations, or brainstorming sessions can be saved or sent electronically, perfectly supporting and documenting the innovation process. The technology from we-inspire is unique in many ways. Intuitive usability means that participants quickly learn how to use the wall. Those who prefer to work on paper can project their work onto the wall by writing in the notepad. The IDEA WALL offers a new way of working that ensures that every participant is actively involved.

Office-Design_Workplace-Furniture_Desk_Chairs_Bene_Archi-living_E.jpgHow to Encourage Office Recreation

Ergonomists recommend sit-stand dynamics. A desk that encourages alternating between standing and sitting is an ideal solution. The T Platform Lift Desk is best used in desk-sharing areas and for employees who work primarily at a terminal. But it is also a desk for companies that place great value on ergonomics and the health of their workforce.

Office-Design_Workplace-Furniture_Desk_Chairs_Bene_Archi-living_F.jpgBene Innovations Shape Working Environments

As an international supplier for the design and furnishing of inspiring office and working environments, Bene is a byword in over 40 countries for the successful symbiosis of office furniture, space, and architecture, as well as design, quality, and innovation. 


The strong connection between design and architecture, between form and function, is a major component of the company’s philosophy. With its concepts, products, and services, Bene provides trendsetting designs, thereby shaping the working environment. It combines a 225-year tradition of quality with innovation and award-winning design. Together with its clients and partners, Bene develops office solutions to spatially represent the work processes, culture, and identity of a company. 


Most recently, Bene has impressed with its innovative approaches in public offices in Dubai. This government initiative, “Dubai Futures Foundation,” whose goal is to advance pioneering, innovative projects and partnerships, has created the world’s first office building using 3D printing. The project forms part of a comprehensive strategy that presents innovative solutions for the challenges of the 21st century, focusing its activities on the future of the real estate, construction, and design. Bene has been a long-term partner in this showcase project; in a first step, it has equipped the “office of the future” with innovative furniture and future-oriented innovation space, the internationally successful Bene IDEA LAB. 




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