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Illuminate Workspaces with the Sticks Lighting Toolkit

Fusing light technology, office design, and architecture, Sticks by Arik Levy from Vibia offer a creative toolbox for integrating lighting in the workspace. Read on. 


The lighting sticks rotate on their axis, thus offering unlimited options when it comes to directing a light source precisely where needed during work hours. That way, the office lighting design can be individualized according to your wishes.

The Sticks Lighting Toolkit consists of three minimalist, aluminum rods — measuring 1.5 meters, 2 meters, and 3 meters — which can be combined in any direction for a maximum length of 6.5 meters. This office lighting collection is available in a choice of several predesigned layouts as well as arrangements conceived entirely from scratch. Custom configurations include connecting aluminum rods from wall to wall, floor to wall, wall to ceiling, or from the ceiling into office space.


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Lighting Ideas for Large and Small Offices and Home Offices

To illustrate the versatility of these lighting fixtures, here are a few examples of workspaces lit with Sticks, creating and defining large and small office and home office areas.

In a home office, a Sticks design defines a corner of a room equipped with a work desk and chair. One rod rises up vertically along the wall and connects with another that extends from the wall out into interior space. The design delineates the work area with a graphic border while providing light along the side and across the length of the desk. The home office look is clean and uncluttered — great for a small workspace area.


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The Lighting Sticks Define Every Work Desk

Sticks lighting fixtures also illuminate an office with a row of desks. An aluminum rod is positioned on one side of the work desk and joins another that runs perpendicularly to the wall. The lighting installations contain and define each work desk with its angular architecture.

Another workspace design features a pair of Sticks jutting out from the wall to form precise peaks over each work desk. The zigzag silhouette is suspended in interior space directly above the work areas, bathing the work desks in a bright wash of light while providing an artful abstraction overhead.


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In the same office space, an alternate Sticks configuration is deployed. Here, one lighting rod extends from the wall directly across the work desk then connects to a second stick that tilts upward towards the ceiling. The design accentuates the room’s height, infusing a feeling of loftiness and light into the windowless area.

In an open workspace, a pair of Sticks are positioned at each work desk. The lighting configuration reinforces the airy feel of the office design while defining each workstation. Affixed to the wall, it draws the eye to the high ceilings and creates angular rays of light that echo the Sun streaming through the window.


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