Hostel Design Ideas – Swanky Mint Hostel Designed in Industrial Style

Swanky Mint Hostel Press

July 14, 2017


An Artistic Journey from a Historical Factory to a Contemporary Hostel Designed in Industrial Style

Swanky Mint Hostel is a renovated factory that opened at the end of 19th century by Vilim Ondrusek and was successfully working till the middle of 20th century.

After being closed for years after that, a young visionary Andrija Pirnat stumbled upon that place and decided to create a home for thousands of travelers from all over the world in the heart of Zagreb and bring this old building back to life.


A big role in making this place fun and special lies in the staff that’s known for being crazy, witty, unpredictable, warm, helpful, friendly and awesome and it’s their mission to make everyone that comes here a part of a big family.

Under the same roof, there are two separate features that work as one: the hostel – Swanky Mint Hostel and the bar – Swanky Monkey Garden.


It was destined to pass on the story of this building to new generations. That is why interior design is based on factory features, industrial shapes and materials.

Interior design is signed by two architectsAna Bilan and Irena Vojnovic that combined their design ideas with situation found in here.

Materials that are used here are mainly concrete, brick and metal. In forming rooms, previous construction was not hidden but displayed and preserved.


A lot of furniture, such as tables and chairs, are reused objects or machines that were found here. The fact that we have a few tables constructed from old machines adds completely new value to the whole space.

Colors that dominate the space are natural colors of materials. That’s why we mostly have red color of brick, gray color of concrete, and color of the wood.


As there are a lot of creative people that are working here or visit us, their ideas were implemented in this place through a lot of little details that give this place unique artistic setup. We have a lot of writings on the wall and original handmade items.


This unique old factory in the heart of Zagreb is now the best hostel in Croatia and it can host around 80 people in around 15 rooms. The team of hardworking staff is trying a lot to offer an extra experience to travelers. From the bar that has events every day of the week to various tours around the city and Croatia.


Last year, Swanky Mint Hostel became the first hostel in Zagreb with a swimming pool. This title for sure is an extra attraction that is making the stay in a hostel an event better experience.


From the unique design, hidden garden and fun hostel to warm and friendly staff, this Swanky indeed is a special international place full of fun and good memories. 

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