Outdoor Furniture Ideas – White in the Garden

Nardi Press / Busa & Associati

July 10, 2017


During the summer, a “home” extends outside, and terraces and gardens become the natural living area for receptions, conversations, dining, resting and all-around living. The choice of outdoor furniture, and of its style and colour, thus becomes just as important as the choice of indoor décor, because it expresses the taste and the lifestyle of its inhabitants.


Pure, bright and oozing evergreen chic, white is a sophisticated option. It elegantly furnishes every corner of the garden, from a small balcony to a large terrace or poolside area, becoming a sophisticated part of one’s private outdoor space.


In a game of uncoloured colour such as white, details and materials (resin, glass and aluminium), Nardi has restyled Loto and Ninfea, one of its best-selling table/chairs set, in total white and in unprecedented settings that emphasise the block, bright white of the product, which stands the test of time.


The colours of our furniture, the combinations of different textures and cushion colours are an integral part of our brand’s design expertise, and it is one of our strengths” states Floriana Nardi who is head of Marketing at Nardi “nevertheless, total white remains one of the untouchable colours in our catalogue, although it is always chosen as the star and not as a neutral feature of a setting, perhaps because ours is a vivid, block white, which remains unchanged even with extended use.


Like the romantic flowers its name brings to mind, the Loto and Ninfea set features welcoming seats and tables similar to water lilies, supported by bases with light-weight, suspended twisted frames to create a styling result with a mesmerising ethereal beauty.


Product Datasheet

Name: Loto & Ninfea

Design: Raffaello Galiotto

Company: Nardi



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