Introduce Colors to Your Bathroom

Izabela Ninic, Architect

May 8, 2016

Bathroom & Spa

Recent trends say – introduce colors to sanitary ware and bathrooms and you will get a completely new expression and beauty!


Bathtub, sink, toilet and bidet are no longer white. If you want to be trendy, introduce colors into these elements and link them with the wall coverings. Besides the game of colors, mix and match styles – industrial, rustic and retro.


Very modern color of white coffee, gray or coverings in the wood structure will give an entirely new expression to the bathtub. Use the same colors in the selection of sinks in order to achieve a harmonious whole.

If you want to emphasize the industrial expression, choose faucets, lighting, mirrors, frames and legs of bathroom elements in matt black.


For a somewhat more refined atmosphere, combine these elements with soft colors like pink or light blue, and spice it all up with details in stone. In this way, industrial style will be muted.


For natural atmosphere be sure to use the washbasins of stone and elements with a pronounced wood structure. Natural style, in addition to being trendy, fits great in the space of the bathroom where we need to relax. You can combine it with a retro style in a tile theme.


If you want to emphasize a rustic style, be sure to introduce a rough wooden board as a washbasin holder. Choose the basin in one of the trendy colors, and the faucet in the color of copper. This will be a very relaxing combination that will attract attention!


Bathroom furniture becomes a creative play of shapes, colors and materials. Let the game of mirrors and hanging cabinets become an interesting game that you will stylishly connect the base element of the washbasin. Be sure to connect the faucet with the colors of furniture.


Toilet and bidet should be linked to other elements in the room. Great choice of colors and shapes will meet each selected style.

Greenery, lighting and decorative items are a must, so spice up your story in a special way!


Photo: Cielo

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