Villa 2in1 – modern architecture in a perfect fusion with a small village in Istria

Villa 2in1 Press / Present Communication

May 9, 2016


Villa 2in1 is located in a small village called Fiorini, in the heart of northwest Istria, Croatia. It is an unusual, unique and attractive combination of two individual living units identical in everything apart from the colour and interconnected with a kind of a bridge. Traditional stone from Istria on certain parts of the facade has been used to make a perfect interpolation with a small yet picturesque village of Fiorini.



In contrast with the ascetic exterior, the interior of the villa accentuates luxurious use of space and architectural design. The space is very modern, yet a connoisseur choice of colours and details leaves the impression of warmth and friendliness allowing for more than just a pleasant stay.



One living unit is a dedication to a particular red colour of Istrian soil in combination of that very specific nuance of red with white colour while the other is inspired by the Istrian olive tree with an olive green wall and black details together with dominant dose of sundown orange.


Both houses have a kitchen and a dining room with a large modern oak table connected with a two-storey living room. A very high ceiling in the living room provides spaciousness and a touch of glamour making it an ideal venue for gatherings and workshops. A staircase leads to the gallery with a room for watching television, a bathroom with a shower and a bedroom with a king size bed.


The point of juncture between the two houses is a horizontal flange or a bridge with two rooms with two separate beds (that can be joined, if necessary).



On the ground floor between the two living units there is a terrace with permanent shade in the summer time, barbecue and a pool opposite to them, which is one of the most favourite places for guests visiting the Villa 2in1, hidden from neighbours’ sight.



Sliding panels made from steel frames and larch wood function as sun protection. On the northern side of the ground terrace rotating vertical wood flanges provide privacy whereas on the 1st floor their function is to block the sun on the ‘bridge’.



They are also a visual protection from curious neighbours guaranteeing intimacy on the terrace and around the swimming pool. Sliding panels and flanges also allow for adjustments of the quantity of light entering the space thus creating a very specific play of light and shadow.



Architect Petra Oreč is the main designer on the Villa 2in1 project also responsible for the interior design. Petra Oreč is a co-owner of the villa who has been working on many architectural projects involving large buildings and complexes. As an architect, Oreč enjoys working on architectural designs, creating interior designs and reconstructing family homes, apartments, and business facilities.


The Villa can be rented during the summer holiday season primarily for one or two-week stays for two families. Outside of the summer season, it is an ideal venue for organizing weekend workshops (culinary, oenological, business, alternative medicine, etc.), sport teams (cycling is a very popular sport in this part of Croatia) or brainstorming teams working on important projects.


The location, design and way it was constructed make the Villa 2in1 a place securing peace to its residents while surrounding small towns (in close proximity of Brtonigla, Novigrad, Buje and Umag) offer an insight into both in-land and coastal Istria with the abundance of scents, tastes, impressions and pleasures.



Northwestern Istria is a magical region where it is very hard to decide whether to enjoy beaches, sea (the sea is less than 2 kilometres away from the Villa 2in1) or natural beauties or to explore heritage, historic buildings and gastronomic offer in the surrounding villages or in some of the numerous agritourism locations. The region is well known for olive oil or wine routes with more than 550 kilometres of cycling roads.  Apart from olive oil and wine, some of the most famous souvenirs not to be missed are homemade honey and truffles.


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