Mix the Styles in the Kitchen

Izabela Ninic, Architect

May 13, 2016


Eurocucina, kitchen furniture fair, held in April 2016 in Milan, offered a completely new face of the kitchen. It is a place for work, functional but also attractive, and its primary feature is the play with a variety of styles and materials.


A play of coarse and fine materials and colors with combining styles becomes a must in every kitchen. Minimalism, rustic, classic and industrial style intertwine, creating a new and interesting look for the kitchen.


Classical kitchen can very easily be adapted to the new trend. Give it a touch of an industrial style! Robust lighting in black and brick walls will complement the trend in a simple way. Ceramic floor tiles in imitation of concrete or cement combine perfectly with this kind of a setup, and a trendy carpet with an abstract pattern will add a touch of warmth. Match the colors of the carpet and kitchen.


You can further emphasize the industrial style with a hood with a visible duct, work tops in imitation of concrete and harsh treatment of wall surfaces. Complete the hanging elements with shelves with metal brackets.


The classic style so far has been reserved only for the “older and more serious” people, but new trends create a complete expressive freedom! Classic elements are complemented by rustic wooden floors, industrial lighting and shelves and creative wallpapers that create an atmosphere that is very desirable for young people.


Minimalism was a style that was accepted by many, and it is still trendy in the kitchen. Spice it up with an industrial brick wall and trendy carpet. You’ll be surprised by the beauty of the space!


If you want a somewhat more elegant overall expression, use flooring that mimics concrete and complement the walls with stone coverings. The kitchen itself should be visually simple.


Enhance the rustic expression of the kitchen with stone coverings and rustic floor tiles. Wooden ceiling beams are indispensable!


Select retro floor or wall tiles and connect them with the colors of the kitchen. The area will become very picturesque. With all this, you can combine retro and industrial lamps.


No matter the style you choose, don’t forget to introduce decorative objects and greenery. They are mandatory part of the trend, but also that part of the arrangement that will introduce personality into a kitchen!


Photo: Aran cucine

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