Products & Materials

Daylight – the Key Element in Interior Design

A welcoming home is created by daylight, colors, and furnishings. When designing interiors, have in mind that natural light can completely transform rooms and make them cozier. Miriam Medri, interior architect and interior designer, explains how to bring as much daylight as possible into your home. Find out more. Daylight in Interior Design The designer […]

Contract Furniture

How to Design a Workspace Like an Interior Designer

The foundation of office and home office design is to create an indoor or outdoor space that is functional and comfortable. A workspace design tailored to your needs and wishes – enhances your productivity and creativity and gives you the cozy feeling of being at home. Also, office design has an essential role in company […]


How to Style Your Kitchen with Quartz – Design Tips

Quartz is a popular material for kitchen worktops due to its durability, low maintenance, and elegant appearance. However, quartz can also be used for a variety of other design purposes in the kitchen, including backsplashes, cladding, floating shelves, and sinks. Let’s look at the ways to style quartz in your kitchen. Quartz Backsplashes – Stylish, […]

Holiday Decor

5 Designer’s Tips for a Merry and Colorful Christmas Table Setting

Jolly colors and color combinations are essential ingredients of holiday festivities. In this article, discover five of the interior designer’s ideas on how to create a merry and colorful Christmas tablescape. 🙂 Christmas Wonderland Tablescape The festive Christmas Wonderland tablescape in the cover photo brings all the beautiful holiday motifs – Christmas trees, stars, candy canes… […]

Design & Travel Communications

Creative Workshops: Colorful Decoration Ideas

Join us for design workshops in Zagreb, Croatia. Find out more about decorating and designing residential and business spaces – hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, and events. Autumn decorating ideas, design trends, color combinations, holiday table decorations, romantic decor, table setting, and dining etiquette.   Have fun in the world of creativity, find out about beautiful […]

Bathroom & Spa

Introduce Colors to Your Bathroom

Recent trends say – introduce colors to sanitary ware and bathrooms and you will get a completely new expression and beauty! Colors and Styles The bathtub, sink, toilet, and bidet are no longer white. If you want to be trendy, introduce colors into these elements and link them with the wall coverings. Besides the game […]