The Symbolism of the Rose

Fragrant beauty, the rose, is certainly among the greatest floral inspirations, whether one is talking about the inspiration of painters, poets, designers. Read on about the symbolism of this beautiful flower.  In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus. Nowadays, these graceful flowers symbolize different emotions. Red roses speak of […]

Living & Dining Room

Romantic Design in the Home

Discover romantic decorating ideas and color palette, table setting and decorative napkin folding, wedding decorations. Be inspired by love all year round.    Love is a powerful and magical feeling; a feeling that no one can resist. Love, amore, amour, ljubav, pyaar – are a few of its various names around the world. Here is my selection […]

Products & Materials

Red Color in Home and Garden Design

The red color symbolizes love, passion, excitement, energy, good luck, happiness, prosperity, and longevity. It’s the strongest of all the colors. This vibrant color is also a very artistic one. So, whenever you are looking for creative inspiration, the red color can inspire you. Also, red is the number one ‪color when it comes to […]