The Symbolism of the Rose

Fragrant beauty, the rose, is certainly among the greatest floral inspirations, whether one is talking about the inspiration of painters, poets, designers. Read on about the symbolism of this beautiful flower.  In ancient times, the Greeks and Romans associated roses with Aphrodite and Venus. Nowadays, these graceful flowers symbolize different emotions. Red roses speak of […]

Holiday Decor

Easter Table Decorating Ideas

Discover interior designer’s ideas for decorating a colorful and joyful Easter table.   Easter is a spring holiday, so Easter decorations reflect the variety of colors that Nature gives us at the time of her blooming. Yellow, green, blue, red, purple, as well as many other colors, bring joy into the interior.       […]

Living & Dining Room

Arrange a Trendy Holiday Table

Be creative and trendy this Easter season! Here are some tips on how to decorate your home and holiday table. Being inspired by a garden is distinctly modern. Introduce the colours of late summer and create a relaxed atmosphere. Combine the palette of strong colours with natural materials such as clay, ceramics, bamboo, wood, wool, […]