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Discover romantic decorating ideas and color palette, table setting and decorative napkin folding, wedding decorations. Be inspired by love all year round. 


Love is a powerful and magical feeling; a feeling that no one can resist. Love, amore, amour, ljubav, pyaar – are a few of its various names around the world. Here is my selection of love photo quotes, enjoy. 

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Romantic love has been written, spoken, and sung of from the beginning of time.

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If you want to enrich your home with the symbols of love, a few decorative accessories are all it takes.

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Red Color Brings Creativity and Passion to Decorating

Red is the color of love, everybody knows that. This energetic color warms our hearts, as well as our thoughts. Namely, color healing experts say that red color raises body temperature and stimulates our mental and physical energy. Perhaps that is why this strong color has been crowned the color of love. Find out more about the red color symbolism.

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Accordingly, be sure to include red color in the romantic decorative scheme. Since this is an energetic color, in rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms, it is usually brought in the form of the details – curtains, bedding, decorative pillows, wall art, and flowers.

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The red hue is also a good choice when it comes to coloring the cabinet fronts. Combine it with neutral colors, such as white, silver, beige, brown, etc.

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Red kitchen bursts with creativity and passion. Details in this primary color heat up the ambiance during a romantic dinner, and red roses express loveThe Symbolism of the Rose – read the article

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Green, pink, peach, and white are also reputed to be colors of love.

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According to the principles of Feng Shui, thinking in terms of a couple is the best way to invite love into someone’s life. Place two decorative pillows on the sofa, two scented candles on the dining room table, two roses in a vase, two armchairs, or a two-seater in front of the TV (or in the garden). Feng Shui Meets Interior Design – Five Elements in Space – discover more

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Create a Romantic Table Setting for Two 

Ornament chairs with flowers, ribbons, hearts, as it is usually done at weddings. Decorate napkins with beads or ribbons, or fold them into the shape of a swan or flower. Creative Workshop – Holiday Table Decorations – have a look

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Roses and cinnamon sticks can be in the role of decorative accessories on the table. “Speech” of flowers should be taken into account: in addition to roses that speak of love, there are rosemary and violets symbolizing fidelity, and orchids, which represent beauty.

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Scented candles are welcome everywhere throughout the room. Sandalwood, jasmine, rose, and cinnamon scents create romance in the air.

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Put a romantic background on your computer screen, for example, a beautiful sunset or a pair of lovebirds as they symbolize long-lasting love.

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Chocolate is a food that is usually associated with romance and can also serve as decoration. For example, place wrapped chocolates on your pillow and your partner’s pillow, arrange chocolate candies in the shape of the heart and serve it on a platter.

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Let the home become a real oasis of love.

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