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Easter Décor for the Colorful Welcome Area in Your Home

Easter symbolizes the abundance of the bright colors of love and the light of new beginnings. Follow this decorative path when styling the entryway or hallway in your home to welcome your friends and family with lit ornaments and joyful colors for this spring holiday. In this article, discover the interior designer’s ideas for decorating your pastel-colored entryway and hallway for Easter. 🙂

Pastel-Colored Decor That Welcomes to a Festive Tea Party

Easter Décor for Entryway and Hallway in Pastel Colors,

Welcome your friends and family to a festive gathering occasion on Easter by placing decorative “hints” in the entryway and hallway. On a console table or side table, arrange a teapot and tea cups on a tray, surrounded by LED candles, glass Easter bunnies, and glass Easter eggs in pastel colors. Soft tints of pink, blue, and yellow make the joyful color palette for this spring holiday decor. Add a couple more LED candles in romantic traditional-shaped candlesticks. On the wall above the table, place an Easter egg wreath, made of decorative eggs in soft colors. Welcome to a holiday tea party! 🙂

3 Easter Décor Ideas for the Colorful Welcome Area in Your Home,

Fill the large vase with branches and ornate them with pastel Easter decorations – glass bunnies, glass eggs, and fairy lights. Green, yellow, orange, pink, blue, and purple – the colors of springtime enrich your home.

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Mossy Easter Wreath and LED Candles for Entryway and Hallway

Mossy Easter Wreath and LED Candles for Entryway and Hallway,

Create a spring garden in your entryway and hallway with an Easter wreath made of moss, flowers, berries, decorative eggs, and an LED pillar candle trio. Put it on a wooden tray and place it on a console table – as a focal point of the decor.

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Easter Decor Transforms Hallway into Colorful Springtime Landscape

Easter Entryway and Hallway in Pastel Colors and LED Lights,

This festive decorating story starts with a garland ornated with pastel eggs. Glass Easter bunnies and Easter eggs highlight this spring holiday story, together with LED candles. Top the decor with colorful glass ornaments tied with pink ribbons. Springtime scenery makes every room more cheerful.

Enjoy decorating your colorful holiday entryway and hallway. Happy Easter! 🙂

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