10th Pink Day Festival in Zagreb – Enjoy Rosé Wines and Olive Oils

10. PINK DAY Zagreb – a festival dedicated to rosé wine and olive oil – celebrates a significant jubilee this year, its tenth edition! Discover more about this spring event.

At the media conference held in Lauba, Zagreb, the festival program was presented, and the founder and president of the Festival, journalist, editor, and publicist Sanja Muzaferija, said on that occasion: “PINK DAY Zagreb, apart from being a rosé festival, is also a kind of dedication to female energy, spring, and the beauty of life; the ceremony of a rosy view of a perhaps slightly better world that we all hope for. And rosé is exactly that: bright, fluffy – and the right choice for hot summer days.

During the last ten years, the Festival has promoted moderate, feminine consumption of wine, and according to the winemakers themselves, PINK DAY Zagreb significantly helped to change the attitude towards rosé, and thus the Croatian wine list. I am happy that we contributed to rosé gaining a completely new and much better reputation as a light and spring wine than it had before us. Of course, there’s also our Green in Pink, which celebrates top domestic extra virgin olive oils, and since last year we’ve also had pink gins, tonics, liqueurs, cocktails…”

10th Pink Day Festival in Zagreb - Enjoy Rosé Wines and Olive Oils,

Press Conference – with Welcome Champagne and the Presentation of the Wines of Brdovita Hrvatska

Marking the big jubilee of the “small” boutique festival, which after Vinistra and VinoCom is also the oldest major wine festival in Croatia, PINK DAY has prepared the richest program so far this year, and everything started celebratory at the press conference – with welcome champagne: Griffin Rosé, Bedekovich Rosé EKO 2017 and Tomšić Evelin, 2021.

sommelier Mario Meštrović at Pink Day Zagreb wine festival, Croatian rose wine presentation,
Mario Meštrović

After the official part, the presentation of the wines of Brdovita Hrvatska (Hilly Croatia) was led by distinguished sommelier Mario Meštrović, who presented 5 pink wines from the region: Dvanajšćak Kozol rosé 2022; Winery Puhelek Purek Rosé 2022; Griffin Ivančić Ambassador rosé 2022; Bedekovich Prigora rosé Eko 2021; Miklaužić Rosé Winery 2021.

presentation of Croatian rose wines at Pink Day festival in Lauba,

The president of the association Bregovita Hrvatska, which includes the vineyards of Moslavina, Prigorje and Bilogora, Zagorje and Međimurje, Plešivica and Pokuplje, Josip Tržec, said on that occasion: “Behind the excellent wines of Bregovita Hrvatska are hardworking people, winemakers, and their families. Many of them continue the long-standing family tradition, but at the same time explore new ways of modern winemaking. Bregovita Hrvatska offers a variety of wines for every taste and for every occasion. It is characterized by a colorful wealth of varieties, styles, and shades of wine. At today’s workshop and at the Festival, it will be possible to taste selected rosé wines and sparkling wines from Bregovita Hrvatska.”

Josip Tržec i Sanja Muzaferija na konferenciji za novinare povodom festivala Pink Day,
Josip Tržec and Sanja Muzaferija

Pink-Colored Masterclass and Festive Dinner

The PINK DAY Zagreb celebration continues on Tuesday, April 18, in Zagreb’s only restaurant with a Michelin star, Noel, where the Chateau d’Esclans rosé wine Masterclass “Pinks That Made History” powered by PBZ Card Premium Visa will be held and will be led by Ted Lelekas, Moet Hennessy brand ambassador. The tasting will be from top-quality Riedel glasses. Then on April 20, on the occasion of the jubilee, the legendary Zagreb restaurant Skenderica 1912 by Catering Lisak will host a festive “Pink Dinner” with selected wines from the Festival: Villa Sandi Prosecco DOC Rosé Millesimato, Rosé Bastiàn, Rizman Rusula, and Aura liqueurs.

As last year, the festival itself takes place in Lauba: House for People and Art in Zagreb, Croatia, on Saturday, April 22, from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and about 100 rosé wine labels are participating, with the presence of the best Croatian producers of extra virgin olive oil.

Pink and Green – Workshops and Programs

Of course, there are, as in previous years, very interesting workshops and programs. The workshop “Pink American West” with wines from the American West Coast that are not on the Croatian market, led by Mirena Bagur, Croatian Premium Wine from Boston, stands out, as well as an interesting round table dedicated to the pink wines of the Croatian East – “Pink Wine East: 10 Years Later, powered by HGK, and in honor of the progress process of pink wines from this region. The round table is moderated by the “hunter” Morana Zibar, and representatives of HAPIH, HGK, Kutjevo Winery, and Vina Papak participate.

Masterclass of extra virgin olive oils “Champion Oils of Istria and Dalmatia” powered by JGL led by Dr. Sc. Mirelle Žanetić, assistant professor from the University of Split, and finally, “PINK COCKTALIZATION”, powered by Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, a pink cocktail workshop designed by Vjenceslav Madić, “Master Kishoni”.

The Competition for the Most Creatively Decorated Exhibition Stands

At the Festival, it will also be possible to buy a limited edition of T-shirts with the character “Pink Girl”. At this edition of the Festival, Pink Day partners will also beautifully decorate and arrange their exhibition tables, because this is how they enter the competition for the most beautiful and creatively decorated tables, which traditionally win valuable prizes.

This year it is, the 12 best rosé glasses in the world Restaurant Extreme Rosé Riedel; premium Elie Saab perfumes donated by Martimex, then a Smeg pink toaster donated by Gemma, a prize package awarded by Ikea and a book package from the Media Bar publishing house, which will be selling Stanley Tucci’s just-published book – “Okus” (Taste) for the first time at the Festival.

Romerquelle, as the official water of the festival, will take care of the water, and Ikea will provide a comfortable lounge where visitors can relax. This year, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the fine delicacies of “Noel Bread & Deli”, and in a separate food corner where fine snacks from Catering Kvatrić, as well as Miscotti biscuits – baked especially for this occasion, will await visitors and exhibitors.

PINK DAY happily includes among its partners: PBZ Card Premium Visa, HTZ, HGK, JGL, MIVA Galerija vina, Skenderica 1912 by Catering Lisak, Ikea, Romerquelle, Bregovita Hrvatska, Riedel, Martimex, Esplanade Zagreb Hotel, Smeg, publishing house Media Bar, Miscotti…

Dress in Pink and Enjoy

On the occasion of the PINK DAY Zagreb Festival, a large number of visitors dressed in pink will once again gather in Lauba, eager to socialize, celebrate spring, optimism, high aesthetics, excellent olive oils, and above all: excellent pink wines from Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Italy, France, Austria…

It’s worth coming: for the educational content, exchange of experiences of the exhibitors, cheerful and optimistic atmosphere, light spring wines, and fun!

Summer wine cocktail of the Šafran Winery at Pink Day festival,

At a small reception after the program of the press conference, it was possible to taste the Summer wine cocktail of the Šafran Winery and enjoy the delicacies of Noel Bread & Deli presented by their head baker Nikša Mandić. In addition to everything, Miscotti cookies with cranberries, dried raspberries, and rose by Mirta Atlija were presented, which go perfectly with various wines.

Selest Ulrich and Nikša Mandić from Noel Restaurant in Zagreb at Pink Day Festival,
Selest Ulrich and Nikša Mandić

Behind Pink Day stands the founder Sanja Muzaferija, who has been promoting wonderful spring wines through this Festival for a whole decade, thus starting a kind of rosé revolution, and for the last two years, as she pointed out, she has been accompanied by the irreplaceable Zrinka Jelić-Belinić from the Z – Eventi & Promotion agency.

Photos by Rene Karaman

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