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Easter Table Decor in White, Lavender, Blue, Green

Easter holiday is upon us, coloring our world with joyful tints. Discover the interior designer’s tips for creating a cheerful Easter dining table décor – in the color palette of white, lavender, blue, and green. Happy Easter! 🙂 


The festive Easter holiday brings the optimism of natural patterns and pastel and vivid color schemes into your indoor or outdoor dining room. Dressing the table with tableware, tablecloths, table runners, napkins, and chairs with decorative cushions in the neutral-and-pastel-colors palette creates a light and uplifting home decor. Vivid hues paint a bright and dynamic dining room space.

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Bunny and Chick Motifs, Floral Motifs, Ornate Easter Eggs Made of Wood or Ceramics

A cute chick and bunny motifs and floral motifs enrich the fabrics, as well as the holiday table centerpiece. Colorful and ornate Easter eggs are made of wood or ceramics and placed next to every plate and in a decorative bowl. Flowers, LED candles, candles, and Easter wreaths decorate the table and other furnishings in the dining room, as well as walls, and thus create a festive Easter decor.

Mix and match the colors and patterns of decorative cushions, curtains, tablecloths, table runners, napkins, and tableware with the colors of flowers and centerpiece.

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Neutral Color Foundation for Pastel Highlights

In this design story, the base of the interior is white. Walls, furnishings, and a tablecloth create a neutral foundation for pastel highlights in lavender, blue, and green. Speaking of table setting, combining dishes and a tablecloth in white with a table runner in lavender and colorful flowers creates a lovely spring table decor. Floral decorations ornate both ends of the dining table. A cute family of Easter bunnies enriches the decorative centerpiece, surrounded by candles in lavender and white and a cake stand. Easter eggs, ornate in a lavender-and-white-toned stylized floral pattern, beautify every place at the table.

Decorative wine glasses in a bluish-green tone are a great match to this pastel design story. The fabric of the placemats unites table decor with cushions for the chairs and curtains. The color palette of this floral fabric goes well with the one on the table. Greenery is also present in the form of three Easter wreaths on the dining room wall.

Enjoy a colorful setting for your Easter breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 🙂 

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