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Jungle Office – an Innovative Design Language for a New Dimension of the Office Environment

A new balance between office design and nature is presented at Orgatec, which will be held at the Cologne fair, Germany, from October 25 to 29. Discover more about the “jungle office” environment. 


CUF Milano, an Italian office design brand under Centrufficio S.p.A, reshuffles traditional roles and rules with a new configuration for furnishing the offices and workspaces of a forward-looking present.
In fact, at the brand’s booth at Orgatec, you will find yourself immersed in a “jungle office”, which is the representation of an innovative design language that promotes a new dimension of the office environment, capable of conveying balance and lightness, in a constant exchange between man and nature.

So you will find the new office furniture collections set in a bright and intricate jungle of plants. A deliberately lively and crowded setting in which furnishings with essential lines and harmonious volumes stand out, creating comfortable and relaxing environments.

A reminder of creative atmospheres and places, to remark on CUF Milano’s quest for innovative, biocompatible, and circular materials.
Among the now “classic” pieces of the Lombard brand, such as the multitasking locker “Cartesio” or the seat “Iris”, perfect both at work and at home, the 2022 novelties are represented by the modular upholstered furniture systems DIVA, FUSION OUTDOOR, the new Fusion line for outdoor spaces, the new glass partition JALEED and the new executive office furniture line BOLD.


CUF Milano, an Italian Office Design Brand, at the Orgatec Fair 2022

BOLD – Design Matteo Silverio

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The innovative furniture collection boldly redefines the rules of executive offices. The classic desk has been deconstructed and recomposed: the result is an atypical executive desk, characterized by an unusual asymmetry of volumes and the overhang of the worktop.

Further emphasizing this suspended element is the change of material, in plywood, which also characterizes and gives value to other elements of the composition, such as the drawers and shelves of the sideboards.
Bold is a furniture collection that changes the patterns of classic executive systems: innovative, daring… indeed, bold!

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JALEED – Design Roberto Fantini

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Jaleed, meaning ice: a sparkling, fluid, crystalline element that, like the new glass wall, represents the precise point where lightness and solidity meet.

This partition wall, the result of years of mechanical and acoustic research and development, can be configured with single, double-glazing, panels.
Single-glazed, framed, and double-glazed doors; glazed and sliding doors are contained within the internal cavity. Certified acoustic insulation 44 dB.


DIVA – Design by Itamar Harari

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This is the modular upholstered furniture system designed to be more than a sofa and to define the office environment and the way interior space is used thanks to its multiple shapes, as well as the value of comfort and aesthetics.

All it takes is a few components that can be endlessly assembled into a series of countless configurations: armchairs, linear sofas, as well as corner, u-shaped, island, or lounge sofas. With or without backrests, armrests, privacy panels, and side tables.

DIVA’s design applies the most classic, domestic details, so the armchair and sofa become a cozy place to work with a new sense of comfort. It is not intended to replace the traditional workstation or meeting room; it is meant to be a formal enrichment through the multiple offerings of ‘soft’ seating, beyond comfort and aesthetics.

The different upholstery solutions provided are designed to ensure absolute comfort also in terms of acoustic quality and fabric strength. That is the case of the original velvet upholstery with which DIVA will be presented at the Salone del Mobile.


FUSION OUTDOOR – Design by John Bennett and Sakura Adachi

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FUSION OUTDOOR is the new Fusion furniture line for outdoor spaces. A versatile office furniture system that has already won multiple awards for its innovative scope in allowing a variety of configurations for operational work, as well as for meetings and short breaks in more relaxed and friendly atmospheres.

Inspired by recent experiences, it rethinks spaces by adopting the outdoors as a positive generator in the work routine, organizing it in a way that is both contemporary and natural. It is also great in residential and less institutional settings.

Starting from the same concept of creating multifunctional environments, FUSION OUTDOOR amplifies its scope by offering new furnishing solutions for gardens and terraces. For an even more fluid space between outdoors and indoors, the tables – available in different heights depending on the intended use – adopt solid wood planks, the seats feature stackable benches or stools, the frames are cold galvanized to withstand the weather, and accessories include Japanese-style shades.


CORTINA – Design by CUF Milano LAB

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CORTINA is a freestanding sound-absorbing panel. It also has a decorative function, as its design is inspired by original and refined organic shapes and silhouettes, such as pine cones.

Made of polyester fiber obtained entirely from recycled and recyclable materials, with an outer fabric cover, thanks to its large size (125×180 cm) it can be used as a real divider to delimit spaces, and thanks to the handiness and compactness of the system, it is easy and light to move and place.


PROGETTI GREEN (Green Projects)

Experimenting with materials in order to activate circular economies on an industrial scale: this is the challenge that CUF Milan has decided to face, collaborating with designers, and start-ups and trying to create ‘virtuous’ supply chains.

One of the two major projects of this year will be on display at Orgatec, realized in collaboration with Arch Matteo Silverio. The project consists, on one side, of the search for new materials to be used on table tops and work desks, especially plywood combined with a completely natural material, i.e. linoleum.

On the other side, the partitions between desks are replaced by a “green wall”, i.e. a planter made of bioplastics derived from coffee, to which a special technology can be applied that uses the natural properties of plants to sanitize indoor air.

CUF Milano Press 



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