Beautiful Apartment with an Amazing View of the Forest, Zollikon

Located in Zollikon, just outside Zurich, Swiss interior design agency Studio Hinton has entirely redesigned and renovated this beautiful two-bedroom 180m2 apartment. Have a look.


The apartment, situated on the first floor, boasts a terrace that wraps around the living space and opens out onto lush greenery with a breathtaking view of the forest. The designers wanted this interaction with the serenity of nature to be brought into the interior design. 

Interior Design Project in Zollikon – Beautiful Apartment with a View,

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Studio Hinton completely restructured the floorplan of the apartment to align with their client’s lifestyle, working closely with the architecture firm Andres Carosio Architekten.

The kitchen, which was originally open plan, was reworked and closed to allow for a spacious living and dining room with the addition of a fireplace. Fluted glass sliding doors were added on either side of the kitchen to allow daylight to flood the windowless space and create a sense of flow. An office room was also designed with enough space to add a large library and laundry room.

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Creating a Warm, Contemporary, and Artistic Interior Space

Furnished in collaboration with Atelier 263, the apartment exudes unpretentious elegance.

The main aim throughout the design was to create a warm and contemporary space, carefully selecting beautiful natural materials to create texture and depth while maintaining a calm atmosphere.

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This stylish home in Switzerland is furnished with beautiful materials including stones, oak wood – in either its natural form or stained in various shades – as well as linens and cotton. Instead of marble, the interior designer opted for quartzites due to their resilience and maintenance which was an important element for the client.

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The client’s art collection provided inspiration for the design choices of the different spaces throughout the apartment.

Interior Design Project in Zollikon – Beautiful Apartment with a View,

The designer wanted the Richard Serra artwork, titled Orient #10 (2018), to be the main focal point of the entrance hall. Thus, they used minimal furnishings such as the bamboo rug which radiates a similar luminescence as silk and pulls light into the windowless space.

Beautiful Apartment with an Amazing View of the Forest, Zollikon,

In the living area, they applied bold colors and patterns, with a palette that would complement the green light of the forest that emanates from the large sliding glass doors leading onto the terrace. The soft undulating lines in Wolfgang Tillmans’s photograph, which hangs on the back wall above the console, are echoed in the curved Pierre Augustin Rose sofas, the wooden Liljen Crantz coffee table, and the Tibetan linear rug.

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Studio Hinton created a bespoke shelving unit in the home office to elegantly frame the vintage William Klein print.

The shapes, colors, and patterns in the main bedroom complement the linear nature of the Gonzalo Lebrija artwork Unfolded Plain (Estrella de la Noche) (2014). 

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