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Floral and Botanical Wallpapers, Designed by a Woman for Women

Have a look at these lovely nature-inspired wallpapers, designed by a woman – for women. Each of these floral and botanical designs is named after a historical female figure.


The French Bedroom Co. launched their first exclusive wallpaper collection in collaboration with wallpaper designer Elizabeth Ockford. Each of these lovely wallpapers has been designed by a woman – for women, and every design is named after a prestigious historical female figure, noted for monumental achievements of their era.

This designer collection of charming wallpapers illustrates delightful floral patterns and botanical motifs inspired by the designer Elizabeth Ockford’s Sussex garden.

The floral and botanical wall decorations are among the top interior design trends. These joyful and refreshing patterns create an oasis at home, inspired by the beauty of nature. They combine comfort with luxury, freshness, color, and style. Beautiful color combinations for feminine bedroom décor.


Eleanor Wallpaper

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This stylish wallpaper collection is named after Anna Eleanor Roosevelt who served as First Lady of the United States of America during her husband President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s four terms in office from 1933 to 1945. Afterward, she represented the US in the United Nations for seven years. An incredibly driven woman, she championed civil rights in the USA.

Eleanor Pale Pink wallpaper is printed on a smooth matt ground. The cheerful design depicts medium-scale botanical trails of soft and pinks and gently vibrant greens in watercolor hues, hand-painted by the designer Elizabeth Ockford, in her UK garden during springtime. The softly flowing stripe of English garden flowers shows the broad washes of water and color and also includes fine tracery lines in the background. This joyful wall decor is a stylish addition to spring-themed bedroom decor.


Julia Wallpaper

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This picturesque wallpaper collection is named after Julia Margaret Cameron, a pioneering photographer, considered one of the most influential portraitists in 19th century Britain. She took softly focussed portraits, often posing sitters together to recreate mythological stories.

Julia wallpaper in pale grey tone is printed on a smooth pearlescent mica ground. It has a fabric-like appearance – the linen texture effect. The ground color is a pale grey, and the design features a delicate two-tone leaf trail in neutral tones. This elegant wall decor can be coordinated with both contemporary and traditional furniture and accessories, due to the combination of a classic design in a modern colorway.



Sadie Wallpaper

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The vibrant wallpaper collection is named after Sadie, the designer Elizabeth Ockford’s mother, an avid gardener with a talent for rescuing orchids and enabling them to grow, flower, and flourish. She came from a very poor background and constantly strived to improve herself throughout her life.

The design is printed on a smooth matt taupe ground and depicts large-scale botanical illustrations of deeply-colored watercolor orchids, hand-painted by the designer in her UK garden. The strong palette of color enriches the botanical illustrations, and the vibrant green leaves provide rest to the eyes – great for spring-themed bedroom decor.


Marianne Wallpaper

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The elegant wallpaper collection is named after Marianne North, a great botanist who traveled around the world in the 1870s and 1880s, making detailed botanical illustrations of the plants she discovered in exotic locations. Kew Gardens opened a gallery of her work in 1880, and it remains open to this day. Elizabeth Ockford says: “I love the boldness of color in her paintings and am fascinated by the idea of a woman in a corset and long skirt journeying up the Amazon.”

Marianne Sky Blue wallpaper is printed on a smooth matt ground. The design depicts botanical illustrations of a variety of flowers and fruits that sit amongst the white depictions of other plants. The designer has drawn Marianne wallpaper in a considered way and printed it as if slightly polarised, giving a modern twist to a classic design. The palette of blue hues against the stark white is lovely, as well as the variety of florals, fruits, leaves, butterflies, and moths – a true homage to Marianne North. This color combo creates a relaxing bedroom design.

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