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Wild Olive Love Story in the Bedroom Design

From Italian olive groves to French vineyards and English country gardens – the olive green color is pleasing to the eye and a rest for the soul. Combined with velvet, this beautiful color creates a romantic bedroom decor. 


The olive green color is healing for the eyes, a relaxation for the soul, and the newest color in the Love Story bedroom furniture collection by the French Bedroom Company. Inspired by the colorful beauty of our world, the designs are romantic and feminine in style, illustrating elegance and tactility.


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Inspired by the Beauty of Nature

Love Story Collection of French chic furniture captures a sweet moment, a romantic feeling. English forest ferns, carpets of soft moss, jungle tree canopies, lush tropical islands, and rolling hills. Nature in every form and every corner of our precious planet has been the inspiration for the design.

Crafted from a hand-finished solid oak framework, this stylish bed is hand-carved and stained with a satin varnish to enhance the medullary rays within the oak. The headboard and footboard are upholstered in rich green velvet and finished with double-piped trim for a smart and classic aesthetic. 



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Artistic touches of this bed design are also the detailed and stylized acorn finials, fluted spire columns, and edged acanthus leaf patterns, creatively sculpted into the oak to represent the natural beauty of our wondrous and wonderful world.

To complement this romantic bed, pair the Love Story bedside tables. Either one or two drawers of the wooden bedside tables create a stylish place for bedside storage of your favorite necessities. 


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