Designer Outdoor Furniture Inspired by the Moon, Vineyard, Kimono

The Moon and Vineyard-themed daybeds, chairs shaped after stylish forms of the Japanese kimono. Have a look at these creative outdoor furniture designs.


The Moon Themed Daybed

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Designed by Ramón Esteve for Vondom, the main design characteristic of the Moon Daybed is its circular form and the rotating system on which its base rests. The rotating system allows the outdoor daybed to rotate on its own axis.

Articulated through two hemispheres, the base of the daybed is made of rotationally molded polyethylene with the option of LED backlighting. The top is made with a polypropylene cord braid, and the cover option is the Sunvision fabric, a blend of high tenacity polyester PVC-coated and solution-colored acrylic for a textile feel. Both systems allow the filtration of air and dim the light that is projected towards the interior, creating a space that invites relaxation and makes Moon a stylish furniture piece for leisure or chill-out outdoor environments.


Vineyard Inspired Daybed

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Designed by Ramón Esteve for Vondom, Vineyard was born from the idea of designing a stylish place for daydreaming. This outdoor furniture piece consists of an aluminum structure and a double reclining mattress that ensures it is a comfortable and versatile daybed. Its pure and simple lines and its pyramidal shape make it a lovely setting to rest, converse, meditate, sleep or simply relax.



Kimono Chair – Inspired by the Elegant Forms of the Japanese Kimono

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Vondom pays tribute to the traditional culture of the Orient in the creation by designer Ramón Esteve: a chair inspired by the elegant forms of the Japanese kimono. The creative idea was born of the proposal for a chair design that was futuristic as well as traditional, the reason for the reference to the famous Japanese garment, the fabrics of which are imbued with symbolism and history.

This designer piece of seating furniture is made of polycarbonate, a contemporary material that gives it a unique appearance of faceted lines and its play of transparencies. The result is a stylish design that is geometric and functional. The mentioned characteristics create a series of light reflections and highlights that are reminiscent of the sparkle of the diamond. Kimono Chair is a versatile and strong designer chair that fits elegantly in both contemporary and traditional spaces.

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Vondom Press



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