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Your Guide to the Best Bedroom Design Trends of 2022

Bedrooms are supposed to be calming, sleep-inducing, and designed around you. So, let’s take a look at some of this year’s design trends and see if there are any quick and easy ways you can make the bedroom cozier and more in vogue.


2022 Furniture Trends

With the global focus on the environment and all of us trying to increase our sustainability, Upcycling is likely a design trend that is here to stay. From repainting furniture to creating new cushions, curtains, or DIY paneling, upcycling can change how a room looks.

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Here are some popular upcycling projects:

  1. Repainting furniture
    Give your wardrobe or drawer a make-over. With a good sanding session, some primer, a coat of paint, and a new set of handles, it’ll look brand new.
  2. Refreshing your soft furnishings
    Got a set of curtains that could be repurposed? You can easily resew these to make new cushion covers.
  3. Repurposing frames
    Picture frames are handy things to have around, but what if you buy one that’s too big or the one that you’ve been having for years needs a bit of refreshing? Scrubbing it and redecorating it will give it new life, or you could source a piece of mirror of the right size and make a framed mirror for your wall.

As well as all these, there are other ways to change up your furniture. A lot of us are still adapting to home working or are entering hybrid schedules, so a work desk at home is pretty important. The issue is space – not everyone has a spare room for an office, so making use of smaller nooks and crannies is essential. Your bedroom offers lots of opportunities for this with dressing tables that can double as desks and wardrobes where you can fold the doors on work at the end of the day. However, the best option for keeping work and life separate with a desk in your bedroom is a room divider. 

Find out more about creating a home office – in‘s design articles. 

bedroom design trends 2022,upcycling bedroom furniture ideas,create a trending bedroom,bedroom decor for 2022,trendy colors for bedrooms,

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2022 Themes & Color Schemes

The role of a bedroom is to be calming and restful, so it makes sense that the Scandi décor trend is still so popular with its muted tones, natural materials, and minimalist ideals. Sure, DIY is still a top contender, but the mixing of colors and textures in Scandi design offers more opportunities for people to experiment with textures and materials. 

The beauty of this trend is that you can still be bold with your color choices. Most Scandi theme colors are neutral creams, grays, and browns, but throwing in a bold accent color can brighten things up without affecting the calming ambiance. 

Take the Pantone Color of the Year as an example – it’s bright and bold but would sit nicely amongst light grays and creams. Other popular colors this year are strong statement shades like Navy Blue, Terracotta Orange, and Forest Green. They all make a statement but complement neutral tones very well. 

To bring these shades into your bedroom you could try:

  • A feature wall
  • Accent cushions
  • Feature curtains
  • Artwork
  • Painted furniture

Just think of how the room feels – if you’re maintaining a calming atmosphere, you can be bold with parts of your décor. 

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Those Little Extras

Larger changes are always going to make an instant impact, but there are smaller alterations you can make that will help your room feel fresher and like a new space.

  • Try rearranging
    Feng Shui is a tried and tested Chinese art that aims to create harmony and balance in a space – perfect for a bedroom, right? There are loads of tips online for bedroom Feng Shui that include bed positioning, nightstand ideas, and more.
  • Keep it light and bright
    The balance between daylight and nighttime is important for our circadian rhythms, so it’s a good idea to keep your room bright in the day and dark at night. Do this by opening your curtains or blinds when you wake up and making use of blackout curtains or blinds at night.
  • Clean everything
    It’s been said that your bedroom can hold more bacteria and dirt than your bathroom at times, did you know? So, cleaning regularly is incredibly important – clean your sheets, mattress, floors, and your windows when you can. If you have a steam cleaner, it’ll be able to help you clean a lot, but there are specialty products for most materials. 
  • Introduce houseplants
    Having greenery in a room adds depth and style, but some houseplants can improve the air quality and add soothing scents too. Pothos, Peace Lillies, Snake Plants, and Dracaena are low-maintenance air purifiers that will do well in bedrooms. And they add to the overall décor too.
  • Reduce clutter
    Nothing says chaos more than cluttered surfaces and mess. Keeping your surfaces and floors clear in your bedroom will help maintain that restful vibe you’re looking for. 

The past few years have been hard and how we use our homes has changed to accommodate it. However, not all things change, and our bedrooms remain havens of calm and serenity, so refresh the look and update it for 2022 to help you enjoy your space (and sleep) again. 

create a trending bedroom,bedroom decor for 2022,

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