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5 Heart-Shaped Ideas for a Romantic Interior

Romantic décor comes in many shapes, and the heart is definitely among the forms that remind us of love the most. So today, on Valentine’s Day, brings you five heart-shaped decorating and lighting ideas – Venetian Heart Bed, Reasons Why I Love You – Gift Jar, Rustic Metal Butterfly Heart, Heart-Formed Pebbles with a Message, Love Table Lamp. Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂 


Venetian Heart | Valentine’s Day – Love Heart Bed

Beautiful Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Have a look at this sensual bed design in the cover photo – Venetian Heart from VG New Trend.

The headboard of this romantic bed is made of a shaped mirror and a heart-shaped pleated padded panel in Rubelli red velvet. The head block is mounted on a support that is mounted directly with special wall attachments. The bed frame is made of solid wood padded with foam rubber and upholstered in plissé Rubelli velvet; the structure is load-bearing, with sturdy metal corners on which the net rests and where the turned solid wood feet are fixed.


Reasons Why I Love You – Valentine’s Day Gift Jar

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Have fun with the one you love this Valentine’s Day with the “Reasons Why I Love You” jar from Ginger Ray. Simply write your reason on the heart-shaped card. Then pop the love card into the jar for your loved one to choose from and to reveal the reasons for your love. Alternatively, write different romantic date ideas for Valentine’s Day.



Rustic Metal Butterfly Heart Wall Decoration

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This heart-shaped metal wall decoration from the live laugh love brand has a butterfly-inspired design and a rustic finish. The filigree details give this decorative wall piece real depth in its design. Has an eyelet in the top center for wall mounting. Match these two romantic symbols – a heart and a butterfly – in decorating your living room or bedroom wall.


Sentiment Stone – Heart-Formed Pebbles

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This is a collection of six pebbles from the live laugh love brand. These heart-formed pebbles with a message are made from earthenware and are in the color grey. On each pebble, there has been an inspirational word carved into it, leaving the words white. These decorative pebbles would look lovely on a window seal or fireplace mantle, on a shelf, or as a decorative part of a romantic table setting. Whenever you need a boost, look at them and think – Believe, Cherish, Dream, Happy, Hope, and Laugh.


Heart-Shaped Table Lamp – Love

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Love lamp from Viadurini is a heart-shaped table lamp that is a lovely lighting idea for indoor environments, with a very simple and essential design. Sweet decorative accessory for contemporary as well as traditional styles. It’s made of polyethylene with a metal base and is available in two bright colors – red and white.



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