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5 Red Sensual Home Decorating Products for a Contemporary Boudoir

The red color is the primary color of passion, and the boudoir style in interior décor evokes sensuality and romance. brings you five home decorating products for a contemporary boudoir – in a red hue and sensual forms, of course.


Kiss Me Red Lips Pillar Candles

Pucker up for a romantic, candle-lit dinner with the Kiss Me Red Lips Pillar Candles (in the cover photo) from Audenza. Coming in a pair, both have a striking textured background on which luscious lips come to the fore. The first red candle features a plump pout as the main attraction, whilst the second design is covered with a flurry of kisses. These Kiss Me Red Lips Pillar Candles are a seductive decor statement and will make a sensual addition to your interior.


Freestanding Cast Iron Bathtub for the Candlelight Bubble Baths

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Are you looking for a bathtub for those relaxing bubble baths – lit by candles and scented by essential oils? Have a look at this red bathtub that goes well with the boudoir style. This stylish freestanding bathtub from Viadurini is entirely made of cast iron, according to the manufacturer. It represents contemporary meets classic style luxury.



Red Luscious Lips Planter

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Give your potted plants their own boudoir with this Red Luscious Lips Planter from Audenza. Suitable for both faux and real plants, it is a lovely gift for the modern gardener. This red and sensual plant pot would make a contemporary boudoir-style addition to the home office, living room, or bedroom. According to the manufacturer, it’s handmade from fine ceramic. This Red Luscious Lips Planter is a stylish conversation starter on the topic of home decor.


Mouth Neon Box Light

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Looking for a glow job? Yes, the glow is the word, and lighting is the topic. Things are getting steamy with the Mouth Neon Box light from Red Candy. This seductive smiler certainly knows how to get the romantic party started. Made from pink, red, and white neon, this lightbox will certainly make a statement decor piece and encourage cheeky chat – about home decor, of course. This light is table mounted, so you can showcase it in any room of the interior, but, fits best in the boudoir.


Ruby-Red High Heel Mobile Phone Holder

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Everything looks better in heels, right? Just prop up your phone up with this pretty pair of red high heels, and it’ll prove the point. Shaped like Dorothy’s famous red shoes, the Ruby-Red High Heel Mobile Phone Holder from Red Candy is a girl’s best friend when she wants to add some hot and spicy feel to the interior decor and fashionably equip her gadgets.

According to the manufacturer, this high-heeled holder is made from silicone, so it will keep a firm grip on your mobile phone, whether you’re reading an online recipe, watching a cheeky video, or, of course, shopping for red shoes with high heels. After all, when your mobile is fashionably equipped with ruby-red high heels, you should also be, right?




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