Bedroom & Kids Room

5 Red Sensual Home Decorating Products for a Contemporary Boudoir

The red color is the primary color of passion, and the boudoir style in interior décor evokes sensuality and romance. brings you five home decorating products for a contemporary boudoir – in a red hue and sensual forms, of course.   Kiss Me Red Lips Pillar Candles Pucker up for a romantic, candle-lit dinner […]

Holiday Decor

3 Red and Green Festive Table Decorating Ideas

The union of complementary colors, red and green, creates lovely home decor. Match these vibrant hues with neutral tones and metallic sparkle to decorate a dining table for holiday occasions, as well as everyday meals. Discover the three tablescape ideas – the interior designer’s tips.   Festive Holly Tablescape White tablecloth and plates create a […]

Products & Materials

Complementary Colors in Home Décor

Discover color pairs that complement and emphasize one another.    The complementary color scheme consists of two colors that are situated opposite each other on the color wheel – red and green, blue and orange, yellow, and purple. These complementary color pairs are in natural harmony and thus these paired hues complement and emphasize one […]