Small Space Ideas – Bigfoot, the Innovative Sliding Furniture System

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October 16, 2020

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Bigfoot®, the sliding furniture system by Protek®, is a multi-functional addition to small space design, whether in a house, a hotel, an office, or whichever other types of a residential or commercial location. This innovative system that is Made in Italy, is enriched with new models and finishes, both for the Architectural and Interior lines, by introducing in the product collection also the brand new model dedicated to smart-working and home office design.

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Multi-Functional Addition to All the Rooms of the Home

Bigfoot® is a patented furniture system, 100% Made in Italy and available in two design versions: Architectural, which can be integrated into the wall during the planning and the renovation of the house, and Interior, which can be easily integrated into an interior project, dialoguing with extreme flexibility with other furnishings and finishes already present within the rooms. Both versions offer a multiplicity of configurations for all the rooms of the home – living room, home office, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, entryway, etc.  The new models of Bigfoot® are renewed as well as in some technical and aesthetic details, such as the sliding system, the weather-strips, the finishing, also due to the availability of new formats of 60 cm ready to be integrated into the furniture systems already present in the living room or the kitchen, allowing to increase the available space. Also, the modules are interchangeable among each other and are also superimposable, to make the house dynamic during the day and adaptable to the specific needs of the moment.

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Smart-Working and Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

The Bigfoot® literally transforms the space in which it is installed, letting it becoming dynamic and functional to the moment of the day”, explains Giovanni Maggioni, CEO of Protek®. “It is perfectly demonstrated by the new Bigfoot® Smart-working. It is fully equipped with all that you need to set up a workstation with a table-desk, shelves for documents, plug set in order to connect the pc and the other devices which should be necessary while working.

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Talking about finishes, Bigfoot® modules are available in high superior quality HPL laminate as well as Fenix, the innovative material with an opaque surface, anti-fingerprint, and soft to touch, which guarantees also a low light reflectivity. Furthermore, thanks to its composition, it is very resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acid-based solvents, and domestic reagents. Thermal reparability gives this material the ability to regenerate itself from any surface micro-scratches. Finally, thanks to the exclusive non-porous external layer, it is simple to clean and is ideal for contact with food.

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Furniture Which Appears and Disappears into the Rooms Following the Needs of the Metropolitan Citizens

Thanks to its numerous multi-functional compositions, from the more traditional such as shoe racks, bookcases, tables, beds, storages, coat closets, broom closets, to the contemporary applications such as drink closets, elements for the fitness and entertainment and also for smart working and home office ideas in small interiors, Bigfoot® is the new format addressed to become more and more common into newly built houses, designed to have the furniture integrate into walls or applied against an existing wall, which appears and disappears into the rooms following the needs of the metropolitan citizens, to the modern way of living and moments of the day.

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Customizing the New Interior Format and Designing Small Living Spaces

For this reason, this innovative sliding furniture system has been selected as a furnishing solution by More+Space, the first integrated model of Design&Build, dedicated to micro-living, the result of elevated technological content know-how, which enclosed research, creativity, technology, and innovation to customize the new interior format and design small living spaces. Thanks to the solutions designed by More+Space, thus, is possible to transform a house made up of rooms into a house made up of “functions”, with sliding walls able to recreate new interior spaces which change during the day and pieces of furniture which transform themselves to amplify, multiply, combine and hide spaces, by obtaining the maximum comfort with the minimal home space.

As an example some of the more prestigious residential projects of Milan, Italy: from The Central Tower, the project for the requalification of an already existing building signed by the BBPR (Banfi, Belgiojoso, Peressutti, Rogers) and nestled between Piazza Duomo and Piazza San Babila, Corti Segrete, the renovation, and real estate project of a big historical building curated by Studio Lombardini 22  in Corso Buenos Aires, and Tantardini 1/3, the requalification project of a‘20/’40 building curated by Studio Giuseppe Tortato Architetti. To these projects are added several other international projects in residential, contract and hospitality fields in the main European and worldwide capitals from Paris, London, New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong to Brisbane, Toronto, Tel Aviv, and many other cities, in which the Bigfoot® system is the part of the design.

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Founded in 2001, Protek® is specialized in the design and manufacture of pocket frames for sliding doors and sliding windows, as well as numerous other systems for sliding wooden and glass doors. From 2001 to today, research, design, technology, and innovative ability have allowed the Italian company to devise performing and reliable solutions, made with cutting-edge 100% Made in Italy materials, useful for redefining living and working spaces, both from the point of view of aesthetic and functional. Protek® is present in Italy and worldwide through a distribution network of dealers specialized in construction, furniture, and bathroom furnishings. In 2016 was created Protek® + Design, a line that offers original cutting-edge solutions that allow the optimization of all available spaces of a property, architecturally redefining the interiors both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

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