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Designer Storage Ideas – Cabinets, Bookshelves, and Wardrobes

The defining design elements of interior furnishings from Porro are perfected each year to push one step beyond in terms of technological innovation, materials research, and use solutions. The Italian furniture brand’s storage systems, designed by Piero Lissoni, consist of cabinets, wall units, bookshelves, wardrobes, walk-in closets, etc. Have a look. 

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The Modern system of cabinets and wall units for the living room displays its artistic style by creating free compositions that evoke Modernism in their play of asymmetries, in its filled spaces and voids, and its unusual combinations of materials. The evolution of the traditional modular system generates refined finished furnishings, stylish cupboards, and containers with hyper curated details such as the almost invisible hinge, silver ring-shaped handles, boxes, and tray shelf tops in solid aluminum, along with the ability to customize impeccable lacquered containers with warm wooden interiors, alternating essences, and colors.



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System bookcase and equipped wall storage system – the “grande luce” module (1980 mm), is made possible by technological shelves that reach significant lengths without bending, the wide drop-leaf door that, when opened, reveals a work desk or a bar area, and the transparent display cases enclosed by four iron doors: an innovative modular code which is rich in creative possibilities and offers new functionality in the living room and home office design.

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The last frontier for customization, and a key ingredient of Porro material research, is the idea of intervening with soft fabric parts which are placed inside the Storage system of wardrobes, open wardrobes, and walk-in closets, transformed into true precious chests where one can place one’s clothes, shoes and related objects. Thanks to the completely integrated system of illumination, light spots can be freely placed even in central freestanding elements, giving life to luminous settings in the name of clean sightlines. Aligned with the Italian brand’s philosophy of careful research on finishings and meticulous care for every small specific detail, the built-in metal handle is embellishing the door that wears it.

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Work, related to the idea of “filtered transparency” also involved both the System and Storage systems and the Ex-Libris bookshelves: alongside the consolidated finishes for the glass doors, transparent, reflex, and smoke, the millimetrato grigio, and millimetrato smoke are also available.



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