Radiators and Heated Towel Rails for Small Bathrooms

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October 13, 2020

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Radiators and heated towel rails from the Italian brand Tubes Radiatori are stylish and a great addition to the small bathroom design, as well as the design of other small rooms and interior spaces. Read on about these designer radiators that are Made in Italy. For Tubes, the radiator is an integral part of the architectural structure, packed with personality and ample possibility of customization and modularity.

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Products from Tubes Radiatori are available in many sizes and often in several modules which, depending on the composition and the colors, create a variety of effects and design applications. Moreover, the majority of designer radiators and heated towel rails in the Elements collection are equipped with practical accessories that make it possible to concentrate functions in a single object, making them compatible with a smaller-sized interior space.



Rift – Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini

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One example for warming up small rooms is Rift, the emblem of modularity and flexibility, thanks to its elements, which can be added up vertically or horizontally, in various finishes and with accessories that implement its functionality. Indeed, in addition to being a radiator that delivers a high heat output, Rift can also be a resting surface thanks to the shelf accessory, or it can hold towels or garments thanks to the hook accessory available in four different finishes (Chrome, Gold, Polished Tin and Black Nickel) and all the colors of the Tubes color chart. To all intents and purposes, this designer radiator is a great solution when the available interior space is limited and you don’t want to forego design and functionality.


Soho and Soho Bathroom Version – Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

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The Soho and Square designer radiators are both great for designing small bathrooms: they are both available in small sizes and are fitted with hooks and towel rails. Soho has a classic, clean-cut silhouette, and, in the Soho Bathroom version with a towel rail fitted as standard, it helps to keep the room neat and tidy by storing bath towels and hand towels. In this version, Soho can come in minimum width of 31.2 cm, and so only take up a small portion of the wall.


Square, Designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

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Square radiator, with its extremely light-weight aluminum structure that measures just 28 mm in thickness, has minimum dimensions and can furnish a room discreetly. The hook is a fun round and colorful accessory and the large handrail can be an element in itself, running on electricity.


Step-by-Step, Designed by Alberto Meda

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Step-by-Step designer radiator, like Square, has a limited thickness: its modularity makes it suitable for the most diverse design requirements, proving ideal for both large and small interiors, where its compact size allows you to save space indoors. A radiator body with pleated modules, which can be tilted towards the left or right creating charming games of light and visual effects and affording a slight sense of motion to the project. Step-by-Step is also available with a hook and a towel rail, making it a great design addition to a bathroom.


Montecarlo – Designed by Peter Jamieson

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Another model that is especially suited for the small bathroom is Montecarlo, a designer radiator with multiple souls: on the one hand, an elegant structure available in several shapes and sizes that can be a sophisticated open storage compartment, and on the other the perfect radiator. Montecarlo demonstrates its usefulness both in summer and in winter: available in the horizontal, vertical, and square versions, it can be fitted with a shelf that can be freely positioned inside it and is available in two finishes: Wengè and Limed oak.

Tubes’ know-how in creating heating products that bring together technological innovation and design with the possibility of customization according to design requirements has made it possible to manufacture radiators and heated towel rails that blend in elegantly and discretely even with small-sized bathrooms and other rooms, in both residential and contract interior settings.

Photos by Max Zambelli



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