Writer’s Thoughts on Choosing a Writing Desk

Mariann Makrai

October 6, 2020

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Where do you like to spend most of your time when you get home after the normal 8-hour workday?

Most probably you would say, in the living room, in front of the TV that’s switched on to make your worries go away and you would occasionally doze off.

Well, not me.

I spend my time after work and at work sitting at my desk. A very portable one, of white color and unstable when I put my elbow on it. It would suddenly shift upwards, sometimes shaking me out of drowsiness, helping me to carry on with my writing.

For that, I need a better desk. A massive one, out of wood, which would be the centerpiece to my small bedroom.

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When you pick a work desk, you should also pay attention to the surface of it and to the working area, so that you can rest your elbows, stretch out your arms to the fingers, resting on the surface at an angle which would keep you typing hours on end without feeling pain in the area of your arm or fingers or palms.

There is the ergonomy of chairs, but what about the desks and tables?

Obviously, the table has to be adequately positioned to the chair, your elbow must have enough room when you position it onto the table, have your right arm stretched enough, to lie at an angle so that it feels comfortable when you work on the laptop.

Going from myself, I know how you feel when your right arm doesn’t have enough room to rest on. Imagine working on the laptop and your right hand sits somewhere near the edge of the table, on the edge of the laptop more precisely, and this goes on for hours. This position is not appropriate for the hand when you work longer than, say, 3 or more hours. It needs a comfy surface and space to rest on and remain on the desk before it goes on typing.

Not only the hand you are working with is important when deciding on a desk you want to buy, but the position of your legs as opposed to the table or desk.

Being and feeling comfortable is almost a basic need which we tend to satisfy in all manners. The feeling you get when you find something suitable and what you like, which is also comfortable is priceless.

Finding the best piece, and now I’m talking about the chair and work desk, equals to finding the best white shirt for men or the little black dress most fashionists claim to be the basic clothing and a must-have for women.

At present, I’m sitting at a white desk, a very minimal one, mobile at that, with movable legs and a chair, a swivel chair. Very uncomfortable, you would say, because you can’t feel solid and steady. But that’s all I have at the moment and am craving for more.

These are things you should consider when buying a writing desk:

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When choosing a table, try it before buying it. Also, sit on a chair and emulate your writing posture to ensure your body is using the right posture. It is essential to ensure there is a proper distance between the eyes and the table’s surface. Size is also an important factor.

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If you want a space-saving writing desk, pick a compact table with proper height and width without many extras. You don’t have to buy a writing desk with a lot of drawers or one with too much storage space. To conserve your floor space, purchase a floating table that you can fold to the wall if you are not using it.

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How and what you write will also affect the proper design of a writing desk.

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