Garden Furniture in the Interior

Izabela Ninic, Architect

August 4, 2016

Products & Materials

Despite the increased stress and obligations, lifestyle is becoming more relaxed. Rules are fading, incompatible is becoming compatible and new concepts are emerging. One such transformation is the understanding of the design of indoor and outdoor areas. Differences are being lost, what was exterior becomes interior and vice versa.


Such a concept of design is suitable for all rooms, and during the warm summer months it contributes to the psychological feeling of being on the outside. This is especially good for all of these areas that have large gardens, balconies or terraces.


Place a rattan three-seater in the living room. Complete it with an equivalent sofa and coffee table. Choose a footstool in a trendy woven pattern and an ethnic rug, and connect the shelves with a woody color of rattan.


If you prefer vivid colors, select white rattan, and introduce colors through decorative pillows (obligatory ethno patterns and knitting). Back wall is ideal for ethno paintings, photos or drawings on the wall itself. You have created an ideal space to enjoy.


Connect the living room with a working zone by introducing a working chair, wastebasket and details like shelves made of rattan.


If you only wish to introduce a small “summer corner” in your home, introduce an armchair and coffee table made of rattan. Metal lantern with candles and detached lamp will bring a special night atmosphere.


Introduce dining furniture from the garden into your interior space. Link the shelves with materials of the dining set. Preferred is a combination of materials and colors such as wood, metal and ceramics. This will avoid the uniformity of space and achieve a pleasant, summer atmosphere.


Elements of exterior design can also be introduced in the kitchen area through decorative details, lighting and storage boxes for food.


Summer details can also be introduced in the entrance area. Due to a smaller surface area it is recommended to use light colored elements of furniture and open shelves. Basket from rattan is an ideal detail for the introduction of the summer atmosphere.


The interplay of external and internal design elements will create a pleasant and unusual setting, but you will surely feel excellent!


Photo: Cane Line

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