Organic Lamp Design – Couro, Made of American Palm Tree Leaf

Let’s Pause Press / Danica Maricic, Editor-in-Chief

September 26, 2020

Eco Design

This organic designer lamp, made from the leaf of the American palm tree, is a natural addition to home lighting design. The warmth of the chocolate color, and fibrous texture with a natural sheen, lend the Couro pendant lamp, from the Let’s Pause lamp collection, its innovative character.

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Ceci Ferrero – the Upcycling Designer

Ceci Ferrero is a product designer and an expert designer in upcycling textiles and home decor, who practices the art of slow design in her creative workshop located in Vall d’en Bas (Gerona). This upcycling designer has created a collection of organic lamps for the Spanish brand Let’s Pause that explores new and creative ways of designing with materials that test the versatility of natural fiber through an exercise in simplicity. Thanks to the qualities of the especially hard-wearing leaf of the American palm tree, two different models of Couro lamps are made, both sharing a sophisticated cacao color and the texture of vegetable leather.

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From the Palm Leaf to the Organic Lamp

The strength and flexibility of the palm leaf account for its original function, protecting the most delicate part of the tree, its lovely flower. During the month of March, when the palm tree is in flower, this aspect becomes redundant, and the leaves are then collected, and organic lamps are made of them. Mother Nature has created the leaf, and Let’s Pause has transformed it into charming lighting sculptures that project a sensual and enchanting light diffused through the leaf’s irregular texture. No other design element is required other than a light bulb holder.

The most basic model of this lighting fixture is made from one leaf, opening over itself that extends like a mesh, and makes the cross fibrous structure of the leaf visible.

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For the other model of this natural lamp, eight palm leaves are arranged in the form of a nest or an artichoke, draped like an elegant skirt of superimposed folds. With its minimalist silhouette, the designer lamp lends raw luxury to the interior spaces it lights – bedrooms and hotel rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, lobbies. The natural texture of the leaf, which retains its compacted fibers, invites the touch with its smooth surface that appears like leather.

For both designer lamps, the palm leaves are submitted to a steaming process to achieve the desired shapes. Their resistance ensures that there are no breakages in the manufacture, which is carried out entirely by hand.

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Decorative Lighting Ideas for Residential and Public Interiors

The Couro lamps featuring one leaf can be placed as decorative pendant light fittings or when grouped together in a line as lighting for bars, kitchen islands, or countertops. They can also provide a soft and subtle light for bedrooms.

The eight leaf version is conceived as a hanging lamp for generating sophisticated ambiances in dining areas, living rooms, or for making a designer statement in public spaces such as hotel lobbies or office reception areas. Its possibilities are endless.

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To ensure that the Couro lamp remains in pristine condition, the manufacturer, the Spanish brand Let’s Pause, recommends cleaning with a damp cloth. Each lampshade is delivered with a cotton mat, black electrical cabling of 2.5 meters, a black lamp holder and plug, and a brown aluminum frame.

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Lifestyle in Harmony with Nature and Its Pace

Thanks to the palm leaf, Let’s Pause designed a vegetable leather version of its iconic hat, which symbolizes the philosophy of the “pause”, promoting slow living in harmony with nature and its pace.

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