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Portuguese Design – Wooden Furniture by Wewood

Wood is a natural and renewable resource that requires the lowest amount of energy for furniture production. Every piece of furniture, made from this beautiful and warm material, retains the character of the tree, so every furniture piece is charmingly unique. Find out more about the Portuguese brand that manufactures designer wooden furniture, and their products – Float Shelving System and Side by Side Tables.

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Wewood – Portuguese Joinery

Founded in the year 2010, with the passion of Portuguese Design, Wewood company manufactures and delivers furniture that retains the character of the wood, a natural material that brings uniqueness to every produced piece. The creation of every piece combines innovative techniques mixed up with more than 50 years of expertise and craftsmanship of solid wood inherited from the family business where it was born. This Portuguese brand “believes in elevating the high-end joinery by producing superb solid furniture that promotes Portuguese design and culture. Works exclusively with the finest materials to assure quality and durability, and makes furniture from wood from sustainable forests and environmentally-friendly materials.

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Float Shelving System, Designed by Aurélien Barbry Studio

This designer shelving system, created by a French designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is inspired by the craftsmanship and the art of joinery, as well as the minimalist forms and functional expression of the Scandinavian design style. This modular shelving system offers a range of creative combinations. For example, it can be combined with or without cabinets, as a small bookcase for small space, or as a sequence of modules that forms a larger bookshelf or a free-standing room divider between the living room and dining room or between the entryway and home office. The glass shelves and the cabinets are placed on a light solid wood structure and metal feet that creates the illusion of floating slightly – as the name Float Shelving System suggests.

The French product and spatial designer Aurelian Barbry worked for the architect Jean Nouvel before founding his own studio in the year 2007. The Aurélien Barbry Studio, based in Copenhagen, designed projects that include collaborations with designer brands such as Georg Jensen, Fredericia Furniture, Skagerak, Le Klint, Ro Collection, Vipp, Normann Copenhagen, among others.

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Side by Side Tables, Designed by Rita Botelho

These designer side tables and coffee tables, created by a Portuguese designer, are made from solid wood and metal and are a great design addition to living and working interiors. The table tray with its rounded edge, as well as the detail of the junctions, invites you to add it to a living room design. The natural beauty of the solid wood is emphasized by the construction of these designer side tables and coffee tables that can also be customized with different tabletops in oak, walnut, or glass. The three different table sizes work perfectly individually or side by side – as the name of this table collection suggests.

Rita Botelho is a Portuguese product designer who has designed everything from glassware to jewelry, lighting fixtures, and furniture. Through strategic thinking, creativity, fast visualization, prototyping methods, and technical knowledge, Rita develops innovative, sustainable, and emotive design solutions. She has worked as a designer in collaboration with a range of international jewelry and product companies, including Benetton’s creative center FABRICA in Italy, Ricordi & Sfera in Japan, Omnia in Portugal, and with Jonathan Radetz in Germany.

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