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Discover the best interior design and decorating styles and enjoy creating a trendy home. In this interior designer’s article, get to know more about the practicality of Minimalism and Multifunctional Furniture, thinking green with Eco-Chic and Nature-Inspired Style, blending Japanese and Scandinavian designs with Japandi, uniting the world cultures in Global Style or Ethnic-Chic Style, […]

Eco Design

Organic Lamp Design – Couro, Made of American Palm Tree Leaf

This organic designer lamp, made from the leaf of the American palm tree, is a natural addition to home lighting design. The warmth of the chocolate color, and fibrous texture with a natural sheen, lend the Couro pendant lamp, from the Let’s Pause lamp collection, its innovative character.     Ceci Ferrero – the Upcycling […]