White and Golden Interior Design Project in India

Every corner of this stylish and reflective residence in India, and every art piece in it, tells a luxury design story. This interior design project by Indian designer Vratika Gupta is filled with trendy mid-century modern lighting design and white and golden tones on furnishings and decorative accessories.

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Greatly inspired by famous interior and product designers Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders, the client wanted to create white decor, with reflective surfaces so that the rooms in this residence would look bigger. Exquisite materials and unique touches in the furniture design bring a sense of glamour into this fashionable luxury house.

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This creative interior project is an abode of luxury furniture and lighting brands that beautifully coexist without overpowering each other. Complementing furnishings and lamps are from top designer brands such as DelightFULL, Boca do Lobo, Koket, Baxter, Lladro, Edra, Moooi, Baccarat, Tom Dixon, Fornasetti, Kelly Hoppen, among many others.

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Matheny Suspension Lamp

“Feel the true statement of luxury with this modern ceiling lamp. Matheny is a unique chandelier, a new take on the mid-century classics. It has a geometric design of combined tubes and its structure is handmade in brass. Its shape is round and is composed of golden tubes, which reflect the sophistication of a timeless iconic lamp. With 110 pounds, this luxurious chandelier light can be used in a modern living room or as a modern dining room lighting. All in all, the Matheny round chandelier will certainly capture the attention of your guests.”

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Hanna Floor Lamp

“With a structure made in polished marble estremoz and with multiple lamp shades made in brass and aluminum, this floor light is a pure mid-century modern lamp full of grace and charm. Its flexible lamp shades allow you to spread the light anywhere you want it to be. Bathed in gold plated and matte white finishes, Hanna showcases a high-quality craftsmanship, since an ancient technique called hand metal spinning was applied. On the whole, this brass floor lamp reports to a classical ambiance, back to art deco, evoking a powerful mid-century modern design.”


Turner Table Lamp

“Turner is a large table lamp, handmade in brass and aluminum. The body of the lamp has a gold plated finish, while the shade was lacquered a black matte on the outside and a gold powder paint on the inside. Its five movable arcs can be rotated into the desired position, which gives this black table lamp a sense of fun and allows you to create the best composition to fit your modern home decor. A versatile piece, that can be used in almost any room of the home interior, this brass desk lamp looks its best when placed in a modern home office or art deco inspired living room.”

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