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Designer Lamps – Diadema, Jube, Giogali, Sata, Peggy

Vetreria Vistosi, the Italian lighting brand, is a real craft industry whose production and decorative techniques make it one of the most competitive players in the design market today. The activity of research and experimentation has won Vistosi a long series of awards, prizes, and stylish projects. Discover more about five of their celebrated designer lamps – Diadema, Jube, Giogali, Sata, Peggy.


Diadema, Designed by Romani Saccani Architetti Associati

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Light in motion – that is the creative sensation pervading the interior when one turns on a Diadema, a designer lighting fixture that indeed looks like a Diadema for the dining or a living room. This lighting design work of Romani Saccani Architetti Associati, the designers of this project, first concentrates on the single element of the glass rod and then develops on a composite system. By combining rods of different sizes, the light is reflected and conveys the desired dynamism.

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Several versions and possibilities for customization are available: suspension lamp, applique, table lamp, and floor lamp. Crystal lampshade and metal parts finishing are in satin bronze and chrome. Diadema lamp was nominated for the Compasso d’Oro Award in the year 2007.


Jube, Designed by Favaretto & Partners

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Retro charm in the form of lamp design. The elegant and delicate look of blown glass finds a new stylish dimension in Jube, the awarded designer lamp. Two glass units placed side by side, beautifully assembled, so much so that they appear to be a unique piece. The creative result is a sinuous lamp, formed by superimpositions and with tone-on-tone colors that give it a precious, vintage mood.

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After the suspension lamp, the product collection is enriched with two table versions of this lighting fixture, as well as a new size of suspension and a new appliqué, based on a unique glass. Upper glass shades are available in a few colors: smoky, antique green, crystal. The metal parts finishes are satin gold. LED light source. Jube suspension lamp won the Archiproducts Design Award in the year 2017.




Giogali, Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti

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A pure design element: the crystal hook. It is the intuition of a master of Italian design like Angelo Mangiarotti, who in the year 1967 gave rise to the best selling lamp of the Vistosi designer lighting catalog – Giogali. An architecture of modular light that is free from mechanical hooks, proving to be sufficient in itself. An iconic interweaving applied to every version of this lighting fixture: table, ceiling, suspension, wall, and floor lamp. Glass in different colors – transparent crystal, crystal amber, crystal-smoky, white, black, crystal-silver, crystal-glossy gold, crystal-bronze, crystal-copper, crystal-black nickel. Metal parts finishing are in chrome and bronze. In 2005, Giogali lamp was nominated for the excellent product of the history of Italian lighting for the last 30 years by the Design index.


Sata, Designed by Favaretto & Partners

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This awarded lighting system is the stylistic reflection of Trepai and gives even more emphasis on wood, which forms the strong and geometric structure where the blown glass light source rests. The designer lamp collection is available in several versions to suit different interior designs, both classic and modern styles.

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Glass color tone: shaded white, shaded amber. Wood color tone: natural, black. Sata lamp won the prestigious German Design Award 2019.


Peggy, Designed by Hangar Design Group

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White and black tones on a lamp. Suspension and applique lamp – Peggy, was born from this chromatic and material polarity. This lighting design by Hangar Design Group combines the lightness of white blown glass, entirely handmade, with the liveliest character of the polished, and colored metal. This effective combination of neutral tones communicates rationality and elegance at the same time. It is no coincidence that this lighting system illuminates the café of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy. White glossy glass. Metal parts finishing are in glossy black and painted brass.

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