Interior Design Project – Contemporary Apartment in a 19th Century Building

This contemporary-designed apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, is inside a 19th-century building and it’s shimmering with trendy retro lighting designs.

Alena Makagon, Alexandr Ivasiv, and Artem Zavarzin worked together on this interior design project in the capital city of Ukraine. This contemporary apartment was a tribute to the decorative facade of the 19th-century building, as it is possible to see through the architecture and contemporary design of this stylish apartment.

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A Stylish Combination of Classic and Modern

The interior designers’ fingerprint is present in every single detail of this design project, specifically in the sculptural elements that were added to the ceilings and walls. The interior design project also reflects the perfect combination of old and new, making this a dazzling and stunning residence.

“Our idea was to keep the interior space simple in shapes and put an emphasis on classical white walls that contrast with a modern, predominantly dark furniture and floor.” the designers told us.

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Turquoise House within a House

When entering the apartment, one is immediately taken aback by the beautiful turquoise metal elements all over the home’s foyer. It’s impossible to miss this mirrored section of the house, which opens up as a closet and it almost gives the sense of a ‘house within a house’. Another great thing about this private closet is what’s behind it – there is an actual private space for a dog house, with hidden ventilation in the equally turquoise pipes that climb up to the ceiling.

Classic Walls and Ceilings, Contemporary Furniture

Making way to the living room, it is easy to understand how the entire interior space stands inside a 19th-century building, with tall and bright white walls going multiple feet high towards a white embroidered ceiling. These classic white walls make a stunning contrast against contemporary furniture and dark wooden flooring.

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In the dining room area, a mid-century suspension lamp by DelightFULL anchors the dining table and highlights the room’s sense of modernity and usage of interior space.

Just behind the dining table, and hidden behind the tinted dark glass doors, one can see the kitchen. Standing behind the doors, they allow for it to enjoy a more private space away from the dining and living rooms. However, there’s a design twist: there is actually a mirror that conceals a television behind it!

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Creating Two Main Spaces: the Bed and the Dressing Area

Going into the master bedroom, what promptly pops up are the colorful built-in closets located right in the middle of the bedroom, thus creating two main spaces: the bed and the dressing area. A nice soft glow comes out of the hidden LED lights above the closet, which gives the room the perfect cozy ambiance. Cleverly hidden on the side of the closet there’s a small area with a work desk that is ideal for a nice home office.

Above the bedside tables, there are the mid-century wall lamps by DelightFULL. Pastorius is a sophisticated and highly functional lighting piece with an extendable arm that can be adjusted into different positions, making it the perfect lighting design idea for this lovely master bedroom.

Playful and Colorful Nursery Design

There is also a nursery, where colorful artwork adorns the walls in the most beautiful way, with a geometric rug that adds playfulness and a soft surface where the kids can play freely. 

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The two bathrooms are covered in colors and key elements that create focal points. In one of the bathrooms, there is a vanity with sleek gray cabinetry and a tall mirror that makes the bathroom space feel wider. There is a luxurious suspension lamp, also by DelightFULL, in black and golden finishes which completes the look and makes the bathroom design feel as sophisticated as the other stunning rooms in the house.

The lighting designs also represent the new character of the building, providing a fine contrast with the more traditional side of the apartment.

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Therefore, DelightFULL lamps bring a mid-century style and welcoming vibe and brighten up this dazzling interior design project in the heart of Kyiv.

Photo Credits: Artem Zavarzin 

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