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Your Favorite Color Reveals Your Personality

The colors you choose for your residential or commercial interior design, as well as the colors of your clothes and fashion accessories, reveal something about your personality. That way, colors participate in nonverbal communication – communication without words.

Read this design story and discover what your favorite color says about your personality, according to color psychology experts.

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Red – the Primary Color of Passion

Ambitious, exciting, and dynamic people who like to be in the spotlight and invest a lot of their inexhaustible energy in everything they do – will often place fiery red as the center of their color scheme. They always step forward bravely, are focused on success, and are often in leadership positions.

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Sunny Yellow

Yellow is the color of the mind and optimism, so it is not surprising that fans of this primary hue are cheerful, talkative, and regularly active people. They spontaneously approach everyday situations, are curious, and like to explore the world around them.

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Relaxed Blue

The blue hue creates a calm and quiet indoor and outdoor ambiance that suits fans of this primary color. Relaxation and love are always trending in their lifestyle. These creative and sensitive people have a vivid imagination, but also practical views of the world as they stand firm on the ground.

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Green Oasis of Peace

The home design in green hue is an excellent choice for people who want to create an oasis of peace and relaxation in which they can distance themselves from everyday stressful situations. They are cautious and want to avoid conflicts at all costs, so they are always willing to compromise.

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Practical Orange

The orange color reveals creative individuals who are excellent at organizing anything and everything, and approach the work from a practical point of view. They have a competitive spirit and often have a very active role in society.

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Sophisticated Purple

Intuitiveness, sensitivity, and creativity are associated with people who prefer purple tones in clothing and interior decorating. They have a sophisticated taste, whether one is talking about fashion, furniture, or style in general.

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Think Pink

A lovely color like pink is often a trademark of people whose character traits exude sweetness. They shower everyone around with love and attention, so they are always welcome in any society. These positive individuals observe the world with childlike curiosity and are very sensitive.

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Warm Brown

Brown is the color of warmth and comfort, and the admirers of this cozy color have a reputation for being honest, practical, and realistic people. They enjoy the finer things in life, especially when it comes to delicious culinary delights.

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Strong Black

Dominant and strong black is the often choice of people with a strong character who persistently follow their previously drawn directions of movement through life. They have something to say about absolutely everything and will gladly say it.

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Calm Gray

If you want constructive criticism, it is advisable to contact people who prefer gray tones. These calm people have a great power of self-control, so they usually stay aside and do not interfere, and yet, if you want their opinion – you will get it.

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Simple and White

Simplicity and a positive view of the world are characteristics that are associated with lovers of white. They want to freely express their individuality and simplify everything that can be simplified.

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