Sous Vide Cooking with the AEG ProCombi Sous Vide Multi-Steam Cooker

Cooking, baking, grilling, steam cooking – and now also sous vide cooking: all in one appliance. Find out more.

AEG ProCombi Sous Vide multi-steam cooker,

Try something new in cooking and still trust in proven methods? AEG now offers even more cooking pleasure in a single appliance: with the new AEG ProCombi Sous Vide multi-steam cooker BS9354151M, sous vide cooking is now also possible (Sous Vide – French for “under vacuum”). This cooking method is even better for preserving the taste, nutrients, and vitamins in food.

AEG ProCombi Sous Vide multi-steam cooker,

Sous Vide: Guaranteed Good, Healthy, and Tasty

Sous vide cooking originated in professional kitchens – thanks to the new AEG ProCombi Sous Vide multi-steam cooker, the method is now also becoming popular in private kitchens.

This way of cooking involves the ingredients for a dish being vacuum packed in plastic bags and subsequently gently cooked at comparatively low temperatures of up to 80 degrees. This makes you want to cook, and food always turns out a success virtually all by itself. Nothing can burn, be overcooked, or dry out, even without constant turning – and vitamins, nutrients, and flavors are retained. Another advantage is the flexible system of time management with sous vide cooking. Even comprehensive meals can be well-prepared and completed just before being served. This gives you enough time to remain perfectly relaxed while smartening yourself up for your guests.

AEG ProCombi Sous Vide multi-steam cooker,

Energy-Saving Multi-Talent

The new appliance naturally also has the tried-and-tested functions of the AEG multi-steam cooker: thanks to a combination of steam and hot air, the multi-steam cooker achieves perfect results for cooking, baking, steam cooking, and grilling. With a large number of pre-set programs and recipes, an extra large oven, and a clearly arranged navigation display, the new model is an easy-to-operate multi-talent. The cooker also scores in terms of energy consumption. It is 20 percent more economical than the limit specified for an A energy efficiency rating.

AEG ProCombi Sous Vide multi-steam cooker,

Intuitive Operation and Sophisticated Design

The AEG ProCombi Sous Vide multi-steam cooker has 25 heating modes and 100 automatic recipes. Cooks can select the appropriate function with an intuitive navigation dial with a display and touch controls. And it always has a clear overview. The core temperature sensor in the oven maintains control over the cooking process and uses the multi-function display to show cooks the current cooking status of the ingredients, as well as the heating mode, temperature, and time at any given time.

AEG ProCombi Sous Vide multi-steam cooker,


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