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The recently established Dauphin Home brand is consolidating itself and developing into an integrated range of furnishings. There is still scope for strategically expanding the already broad program in the future. The Dauphin HumanDesign Group’s international home brand is kicking off the new season with elegant new high-gloss lacquered surfaces.

white corner sofa in the middle of the room,orange cushions on a white sofa,dauphin home sofa,

Sofa – Ritorno / Photo: Dauphin Home

“Ritorno”, the new linear range of upholstered furniture from the Dauphin Home range is synonymous with pure sitting pleasure and promises a high level of comfort, quality workmanship, and timeless durability.

Customizable Furniture System

Hardly any other high-end range of furnishings offers so many design possibilities as Dauphin Home. And hardly any other furniture system is as customizable as “module space” from Dauphin Home. Thanks to its unique building-block principle, any function, and application – even material – can be achieved.

The versatile, high-quality furniture is made in Germany and is ideal for use in hallways, cloakrooms, living and dining rooms, bedrooms, wardrobe areas, and even practical home offices. The timeless range consists of individual parts which systematically fit together and can be combined as required. In fact, any combination of swing doors, drop doors or drawers can be put together at any time to suit your own specific needs.

hotel room design in neutral colors,double beds in guestroom design,trendy hospitality ideas,

Panoramahotel Schweinfurt – Hotel Room / Photo: Dauphin Home

Hospitality is a fast-growing segment for the young Dauphin Home furniture brand. With its integrated focus, it allows individual furnishing solutions from entrance and living areas to workrooms and bedrooms.

The varied surfaces which create an unmistakable look are equally captivating. A choice of textured or brushed natural woods, melamine finishes, colored glass panels, and lacquered surfaces are available. The latter is now available with high-gloss lacquer for the ultimate in elegance.

white and green hotel reception desk,hotel lobby area design,white green purple color scheme,

Hotel Soho Landau / Photo: Dauphin Home

The Soho Conference and Event Hotel in Landau in der Pfalz attaches particular importance to comfort and privacy. This is reflected in the furnishings from the Dauphin Home range too. While their straight lines and distinctive colors symbolize timeless functionality, their high-quality materials convey the hotel’s respect and esteem for its guests. Illustrated: The hotel’s impressive reception desk.

Versatile Upholstered Furniture

The fact that a variety of versatile upholstered furniture (single, two, and three-seaters, corner sofa, recamiere, or stool) has been integrated into the range underlines the continuity and diversity of Dauphin Home.

white and green hotel reception desk design,white and green hotel lobby design,,

Panoramahotel Schweinfurt / Foto: Dauphin Home

Bosse’s “module space” furnishing system can be configured and combined in virtually any way you want. The continuity in its design allows you to create standardized structures while taking into account individual requirements as regards functionality and colors. Illustrated: An unusual reception counter with a unique look.

“We offer a high-quality, elegant range of furniture for creating attractive living and working areas,” said Steffen Reim, Dauphin Home Division Manager. When asked about the “imm cologne”, the expert replied: “We intend to use this year’s furniture fair primarily as a way of strengthening existing commercial contacts and establishing new business connections in other European countries.” He added: “Dauphin Home is becoming established. Our selective sales concept offers retailers plenty of opportunities for development. Being adaptable and customizable, the wide range of products offers plenty of scope for meeting end-customers needs.”

modernist minimalist living room,neutral color palette living room,double coffee table ideas,living room with a fireplace,

modernist minimalist living room,neutral color palette living room,open shelving ideas,living room with a view,

Living Room Designs / Foto: Dauphin Home

At the heart of the new range of “Dauphin Home” furniture is a timeless chrome tubing system. Thanks to special holding plates, beautiful lacquered and natural-wood surfaces or even unusual types of glass can be used.



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