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5 Green Ideas for Dining and Living Room

Furniture and decorative accessories in green color, greenery in the form of potted plants and indoor vertical gardens, furnishings made of reclaimed wood – have a look at these five green ideas that create refreshing living and dining rooms.


Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Set

Create a contemporary dining room design with this wooden dining set from Modish Living, in the cover photo, crafted from 100% reclaimed wood. Combine the dining table with matching bench and chairs. This wooden dining set is given an industrial twist with the black matte steel legs. To supplement the look with greenery, add potted plants.


Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

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The Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table from Modish Living has both style and grace. It’s a lovely addition to living room seating area. Handcrafted from reclaimed wood rescued from old buildings, this coffee table is an eco-friendly furnishing idea. The solid wooden coffee table has two large wooden drawers which open both sides of the table, creating a practical storage space for your living room. Add cozy seating furniture, upholstered in green fabric, and greenery in the form of potted plants.



Greenery as a Coffee Table or Dining Table Centerpiece

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Add some greenery as a coffee table or dining table centerpiece. Claire Bishop, Senior Houseplant Buyer at Dobbies Garden Centres, suggests grouping together Succulents or small plants to create a mini jungle you can personalize to suit your style. Succulents such as the Echeveria and Euphorbia require little watering, meaning they’re great for those looking for some low-maintenance greenery to brighten up their living space. Potted plants like Sansevieria and Haworthia are also great for styling in smaller spaces and can be arranged on a side table to bring a pop of greenery to your living and dining room interior.


Wall Greening with Plants – Vertical Planting System for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

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The Mobilane LivePanel Pack from Greenbop is a particularly narrow vertical planting system for decorating indoor and outdoor walls with plants. The practical and modern modular system is available in four standard sizes, which can be combined with each other as desired. You can plant this planting system according to your own design ideas, taking into account the location. This plant wall from the Dutch manufacturer Mobilane offers numerous possibilities for greening small to large walls, for a greener living and dining room environment.

The system is based on removable and exchangeable plant cassettes, into which the plants and soil are planted. The cassettes are inserted into horizontal profile rails. The rails are mounted on the wall and also serve as a water reservoir from which the plant roots absorb the water through capillary action.


Tropical Wallpaper Inspiration – Parrots of Brazil

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In this vibrant wallpaper design from Mindthegap, inspired by the beautiful flora and fauna of Brazil, there is a stylish depiction of colorfully illustrated parrots and tropical plants, picturing the feel of a lush exotic habitat. Each parrot, elegantly highlighted with bright strokes of color, adds to the complexity of the exquisite designer wallpaper. The layout is full of lovely symbols of the evergreen forests of Brazil, emphasizing the rich ecological diversity of the region.



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