Jackie and Giulietta – Fashionable Electric Kettles, Inspired by the Feminine Beauty

Discover Jackie and Giulietta, stylish electric kettles for tea and coffee lovers. These designer small appliances look chic in the kitchen, as well as in the role of decorative elements in the living room.


Jackie Electric Kettle… Cool Lines, Warm Heart

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The design combines the iconic form of Jacqueline, the multiple-award-winning smart kettle for tea lovers designed by Innocenzo Rifino & Lorenzo Ruggieri, with a simple and intuitive operation. Jackie, a sought-after electric kettle by Bugatti that activates by a single touch and stops automatically when boiling point is reached, is dedicated to those who love to live a life full of aesthetics and free of complications.

Jackie is born from the creativity of the designers Innocenzo Rifino & Lorenzo Ruggieri in the trail of a new trend that aims to simplify without giving up emotions, quality, and research in the name of a new functional but chic minimalism, made of sustainability, timeless beauty and enhancement of simplicity.

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Awarded Design 

Characterized by the same elegance and refinement as Jacqueline, Jackie takes inspiration from the traditional ceramic teapot, reinterpreted in a contemporary key, with soft and harmonious shapes that recall the feminine accessory icon of all time style, the bag. The result is surprising and echoes traditional atmospheres, futuristic scenarios, and sophisticated moods of the fashion world. Thanks to its extraordinary design, the Jacqueline kettle had won the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019, one of the most important design competitions in the world, the BORN Awards 2019 in the Technology category, and the Best New Product Awards, in the Summer Edition 2019.

Finished with careful and meticulous attention to detail, Jackie is made of 18/10 stainless steel and designed so that there is no plastic part in direct contact with water. The shape of the handle, made of PCT Tritan, is reminiscent of a jet of water and adds a further touch of class to the object.



Giulietta, Electric Kettle in the Lovely Shape of a Sphere

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Giulietta electric kettle is born in the scent of the curvy design trend: from the encounter between the geometric shape of a sphere and references to feminine beauty. Designed by Andreas Seegatz, it becomes part of Bugatti’s range of small appliances.

The design language of Bugatti’s small appliances comes from the world of architecture, design, and fashion and is combined with the manufacturing ability of the company in creating and refining the shapes and surfaces of products. With Giulietta, this ability is decisive in the realization of the spherical body of 18/10 stainless steel and this is how the kettle takes the shape of a sculptural, soft, and feminine design. The result is the icon that recalls a kettle, firmly anchored to the collective memory.

Stylish Kitchen Appliance Meets Living Room Decor

The sphere-shaped body gives the object a compact and easy-to-use volume. It is great for the kitchen, but also as a decorative element on a shelf in the living room, a coffee table, or in a corner of the desk.

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The spout fits elegantly into the spherical body and also acts as a filler neck, making the classic lid superfluous and allowing to maintain the unity and simplicity of the body. The water filter integrated into the spout lid is removable and easy to wash.

Small portholes that recall the shape of the sphere decorate the body and indicate the water level, lighting up through a LED when the kettle is operating. The 360-degree rotating base integrates perfectly with the shape of the kettle as a whole.

Giulietta is characterized by its design but also by its simplicity of the application: a single touch is enough to make it work and it stops automatically when the boiling point is reached.

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