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July 3, 2017


The Maison Albar Hotel is a dazzling project with an Art Deco design that conveys the magic of timeless Parisian chic.

A view from the bedroom - Maison Albar Hotel Paris Céline

Céline Falco née Albar represents the fourth generation of the Albar family and its deep passion for service and the hotel. The family vocation began in 1923 when Céline Falco’s maternal great-grandfather set up the family’s first hotel in Paris.


Over the years, they have built an authentic hotel saga, which in 2005 was perpetuating by Jean-Bernard and Céline Falco when they created Paris Inn Group


Consequently, Maison Albar Hotel has been influenced by a legacy of classy tradition, Parisian charm and the art of boldness, described by Céline as “a real ‘Maison’ which means ‘Home’”. A unique experience with a personalized service, the hotel preserves a rich family history and a combination of a tradition of high-tech that can be seen throughout its stylish design.


Due to its refined, distinctive and welcoming atmosphere, the group has become a leader in top-end independent Parisian hotels, with 33 hotels in the 4 and 5-star categories, mostly placed in the heart of Paris.

All in all, the Maison Albar Hotel Paris Céline offers a journey full of history, Frech-style luxury and cosmopolitanism that result from a know-how and attention to the minutest detail.


Maison Albar Hotel perceives its role as one of the ambassadors of French luxury style. In each of the hotels, the stylish furniture and the Art Deco spirit are always present. The Paris Céline offers you a warm and friendly ambience – full of history and modernity, values and cosmopolitanism.


In this way, Maison Albar Hotels plunge their guests into an atmosphere that is always familiar and yet singular, in association with contemporary artists and designers. Each one reflects the rich cultural family heritage and gives resonance to a specific aspect of that history while creating and experience of French elegance. All combine tradition and high-tech, heritage and stylish design.

With sixty rooms, restaurant, spa, swimming pool, well-being space and tailor-made services, it proposes an innovative, chic and exclusive hotel concept. The simple lines are set off by excellent furniture, in the Art Deco style from Henryot & Cie and lights by Tom Dixon and DelightFULL. DelightFULL has 15 lamps in Paris Céline’s Hotel, 10 of them are Brubeck and 5 are Coltrane. Elegance and aestheticism compete discretely to enjoy an authentic French Art de Vivre revisited at the dawning of the 21st century.


Alexandre Danan – the Interior Designer

Alexandre Danan was born in 1970 and has had an early awakening for the wonders of drawing and sculpture, as well as history and artwork. However, it was during his traveling times that the designer acquired a specific taste for design, and discovered the importance of volumes, colors and materials within a space. 

Graduating in Interior Design with the highest mentions from the prestigious schools of Camando and also École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques, Danan went on to create his own company in 2000, EuropeanDesignOffice. The design firm specializes in luxury hospitality projects, in order to offer the best service possible.


Alexandre Danan’s work philosophy is to create comprehensive solutions gathering architecture, interior design, decoration and design. To achieve that at Maison Albar Hotel Paris Céline he partnered up with Didier Beautemps and Valéria Sanchez at COS, creating a harmonious duo who co-signed the project. 

The great thing about the way the interior designer works is how he scrupulously respects French tradition and the relationship between hoteliers and guests – two main values we’ve seen mentioned by Céline Albar-Flanco’s family work. The designer is also constantly surrounded by artisans who share his acute sense of elegance, proportions and comfort.


Influenced by multiple design genres and styles, from baroque to uncluttered, Danan’s work stays gracefully classified as Classique-Contemporary. 

Photo Credits: Jérome Galland, Lisa Klein, Michel Tréhet 

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